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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.0030433113.3.0Rel-13ProSe Identifiers used in direct discovery for public safety Details C4-152202 agreedCP-150772approved13.3.0
23.0030432213.3.0Rel-13Enhancement of service parameters to support Decor Details C4-152312 agreedCP-150781approved13.3.0
23.0030431413.3.0Rel-13Introduce home network domain name for OCS Details C4-152362 agreedCP-150763approved13.3.0
23.0030430113.3.0Rel-13Presence Reporting Area Identifier Details C4-151774 agreedCP-150756approved13.3.0
23.0030427113.3.0Rel-13ProSe identifiers for restricted ProSe direct discovery Details C4-151781 agreedCP-150772approved13.3.0
23.0030426213.3.0Rel-13ProSe Application code and Metadata index Details C4-151739 agreedCP-150772approved13.3.0
23.0030424113.3.0Rel-13FQDN for ePDG selection (for non emergency bearer services) Details C4-151712 agreedCP-150763approved13.3.0
23.0030423213.3.0Rel-13FQDN for ePDG selection for emergency bearer services Details C4-151867 agreedCP-150770approved13.3.0
23.0030421113.2.0Rel-13FQDN format for ProSe Function Details C4-151320 agreedCP-150450approved13.3.0
23.0030420-13.2.0Rel-13Removal of Editor's Note about ProSe Application Code Length Details C4-151206 agreedCP-150435approved13.3.0
23.0030418313.2.0Rel-13Definition of IMSI-Group Identifier Details C4-151439 agreedCP-150453approved13.3.0