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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012903213.3.0Rel-13Add informative annex containing implementation and deployment guidelines for IOPS Details S2-152937 agreedSP-150493approved13.4.0
23.4012902-13.3.0Rel-13Correction of Access network selection and traffic steering based on RAN-assisted WLAN interworking Details S2-152435 agreedSP-150491approved13.4.0
23.4012900113.3.0Rel-13Enhanced HO procedrue for DECOR Details S2-152542 agreedSP-150496approved13.4.0
23.4012898113.3.0Rel-13Corrections for dedicated core network procedures Details S2-152489 agreedSP-150496approved13.4.0
23.4012895113.3.0Rel-13Clarification of High latency communication Details S2-152578 agreedSP-150502approved13.4.0
23.4012894113.3.0Rel-13Adding PSM parameters in the MME/UE contexts Details S2-152482 agreedSP-150490approved13.4.0
23.4012892313.3.0Rel-13Paging optimisations Details S2-152683 agreedSP-150505approved13.4.0
23.4012891-13.3.0Rel-13Add reference to the MME/SGSN selection function Details S2-152302 agreedSP-150505approved13.4.0
23.4012889213.3.0Rel-13Introducing extended Idle mode DRX feature to LTE Details S2-152618 agreedSP-150501approved13.4.0
23.4012887113.3.0Rel-13Introducing the solution for S/P-GW retransmissions when handling Network originated control plane procedure Details S2-152534 agreedSP-150501approved13.4.0
23.4012884-13.3.0Rel-13Non-Applicability of HLCom Monitoring Events feature to Gn/Gp-SGSN Details S2-152217 agreedSP-150502approved13.4.0
23.4012883313.3.0Rel-13Introducing eDRX for High latency communication Details S2-152706 agreedSP-150502approved13.4.0