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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
26.1140349113.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0349 rev 1 Recommendations on Packet Loss handling mechanisms (Release 13)S4-151097agreedSP-150451approved13.1.0
26.1140348113.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0348 rev 1 On the use of one byte RTP header extension for CVO (Release 13)S4-151075agreedSP-150435approved13.1.0
26.1140346313.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0346 rev 3 Correction of payload format usage (Release 13)S4-151220agreedSP-150433approved13.1.0
26.1140340213.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0340 rev 2 Inclusion of H.264/AVC Constrained High Profile in MTSI (Release-13)S4-151187agreedSP-150454approved13.1.0
26.1140337213.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0337 rev 2 Corrections, Clarifications and Guidelines on ROI (Release 13)S4-151080agreedSP-150443approved13.1.0
26.1140333113.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0333 rev 1 Video Telephony Robustness Improvements Extensions (Release 13)S4-150823agreedSP-150451approved13.1.0
26.1140330413.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0330 rev 4 SDP examples of evs-mode-switch parameter (Release 13)S4-150880agreedSP-150433approved13.1.0
26.1140328413.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0328 rev 4 Mandating AVPF for RTCP-APP (Release 13)S4-151207agreedSP-150456approved13.1.0
26.1140325113.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0325 rev 1 Clarification on CVO and imageattr in MTSI (Release 13)S4-151003agreedSP-150435approved13.1.0
26.1140323113.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0323 rev 1 Accepting received RTCP-APP of EVS Primary Mode (Release 13)S4-150851agreedSP-150433approved13.1.0
26.1140322213.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0322 rev 2 configuring "channels" when "ch-send" and "ch-recv" are different (Release 13)S4-151162agreedSP-150433approved13.1.0
26.1140321113.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0321 rev 1 Computing b=AS of EVS Primary in Dual-mono (Release 13)S4-150854agreedSP-150433approved13.1.0
26.1140320-13.0.0Rel-13CR 26.114-0320 Integrating EVS into 3GPP MTSINP MO (Release 13)S4-150614agreedSP-150433approved13.1.0