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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
26.3460505113.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0505 rev 1 Clarifying the text related to the level of support of H.264 (AVC) in MBMS (Release 13)S4-151186agreedSP-150454approved13.2.0
26.3460502313.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0502 rev 3 Correction of usage of Metadata Envelopes for DASH MPD and Initialization segments (Release 13)S4-151175agreedSP-150441approved13.2.0
26.3460501313.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0501 rev 3 USBD-based Consumption Report control for services over unicast (Release 13)S4-151183agreedSP-150437approved13.2.0
26.3460497213.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0497 rev 2 Partial File Handling (Release 13)S4-151172agreedSP-150449approved13.2.0
26.3460496213.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0496 rev 2 Removing the unclear terminology of metadata fragment session (Release 13)S4-151211agreedSP-150454approved13.2.0
26.3460495213.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0495 rev 2 Terminology clarification for MBMS metadata fragment and metadata fragment object (Release 13)S4-151210agreedSP-150454approved13.2.0
26.3460494213.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0494 rev 2 Terminology clarification for MBMS metadata envelope instance versus metadata envelope item (Release 13)S4-151209agreedSP-150454approved13.2.0
26.3460493213.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0493 rev 2 Correcting clause 5.2.1 to add support for user service announcement over point to point push bearers (Release 13)S4-151208agreedSP-150454approved13.2.0
26.3460492213.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0492 rev 2 on HTML5 as a Presentation Layer for MBMS (Release 13)S4-151199agreedSP-150447approved13.2.0
26.3460491113.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0491 rev 1 Multiple TMGIs in SDP Bug Fixes (Release 13)S4-150842agreedSP-150432approved13.2.0
26.3460486-13.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0486 USD Example correction (Release 13)S4-150660agreedSP-150432approved13.2.0
26.3460483213.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0483 rev 2 serviceID in MooD header (Release 13)S4-150846agreedSP-150437approved13.2.0
26.3460481-13.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0481 mbms-counting-indication (Release 13)S4-150655agreedSP-150454approved13.2.0
26.3460478-13.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0478 clientId instead of reportClientId (Release 13)S4-150652agreedSP-150438approved13.2.0
26.3460454813.1.0Rel-13CR 26.346-0454 rev 8 Service Announcement Profile for MBMS (Release 13)S4-151147agreedSP-150441approved13.2.0