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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012943-13.4.0Rel-13Enhanced HO procedrue for DECOR Details S2-154075 agreedSP-150606approved13.5.0
23.4012936113.4.0Rel-13Providing IMSI in DCOR redirection procedure Details S2-154283 agreedSP-150606approved13.5.0
23.4012935313.4.0Rel-13Addition of CRLWI support Details S2-154455 agreedSP-150615approved13.5.0
23.4012929113.4.0Rel-13Clarification on using eDRX in case of emergency bearer services Details S2-154299 agreedSP-150611approved13.5.0
23.4012928313.4.0Rel-13Inclusion of RAN/NAS Cause in Delete Bearer Response Details S2-154382 agreedSP-150615approved13.5.0
23.4012927213.4.0Rel-13Retrieval of UE Usage Type from HSS Details S2-154377 agreedSP-150606approved13.5.0
23.4012924113.4.0Rel-13Correction to PDN GW initiated bearer deactivation Details S2-153780 agreedSP-150615approved13.5.0
23.4012921213.4.0Rel-13UE Usage Type in Re-route message Details S2-154282 agreedSP-150606approved13.5.0
23.4012920113.4.0Rel-13Corrections related to public safety network operator and IOPS network Details S2-153779 agreedSP-150603approved13.5.0
23.4012917313.4.0Rel-13Enhanced Coverage for paging in LTE  SP-150737approved13.5.0
23.4012916913.4.0Rel-13Paging for extended idle mode DRX in LTE Details S2-154401 agreedSP-150611approved13.5.0
23.4012915313.4.0Rel-13UE Usage Type in handovers Details S2-154384 agreedSP-150606approved13.5.0
23.4012912413.4.0Rel-13Correct inconsistencies in the description of USIM switching Details S2-154379 agreedSP-150603approved13.5.0
23.4012906213.4.0Rel-13UE radio capability for paging optimization Details S2-153575 agreedSP-150615approved13.5.0
23.4012905313.4.0Rel-13Update for UE Reachability Notifications Details S2-153700 agreedSP-150609approved13.5.0