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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.9050008112.0.0Rel-12Add Test point analysis for Reference sensitivity test case 7.3A.5 for CA_4A-4A-13A Details R5-160830 agreedRP-160098approved12.1.0
36.9050007112.0.0Rel-12Add Test point analysis for A-MPR test case 6.2.4A.2 Details R5-160843 agreedRP-160105approved12.1.0
36.9050006112.0.0Rel-12Test coverage analysis for Inter-band CA A-MPR test case Details R5-160842 agreedRP-160105approved12.1.0
36.9050005112.0.0Rel-1236.905 Addition of Test Points for CA_1A-3A-7A Details R5-161011 agreedRP-160098approved12.1.0
36.9050004112.0.0Rel-1236.905 Addition of Test Points for CA_1A-3A-20A Details R5-161013 agreedRP-160098approved12.1.0
36.9050003112.0.0Rel-12Addition of test point derivation explanation for 3DL CA REFSENS testcases, Intel combinations Details R5-160832 agreedRP-160098approved12.1.0
36.9050002112.0.0Rel-12Addition of test points analysis for CA_1A-3A-42A, CA_1A-19A-28A and CA_3A-19A-42A Details R5-161060 agreedRP-160111approved12.1.0
36.9050001112.0.0Rel-12Addition of tes points selection for 2UL inter-band CA spurious test cases Details R5-160844 agreedRP-160105approved12.1.0