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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-30254-3.4.0R1999Updating Annex ATP-040044agreedTP-040044approved3.5.0
34.123-30232-3.4.0R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1-031926agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30230-3.4.0R1999Validation of CS CKSN in PAGING RESPONSE in TC 9.2.1.T1-031922agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30227-3.4.0R1999Validation of optional Old PTMSI Signature in ATTACH REQUEST message in TC
34.123-30226-3.4.0R1999Validation of TMSI Status in ATTACH REQUEST message for TC
34.123-30224-3.4.0R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1-031909agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30207-3.4.0R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1-031827agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30206-3.4.0R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1-031825agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30205-3.4.0R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1-031823agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30193-3.4.0R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.4.3 to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040196agreedTP-040019approved3.5.0
34.123-30191-3.4.0R1999Addition of RAB test case to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040197agreedTP-040019approved3.5.0
34.123-30190-3.4.0R1999Addition of RAB test case to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040198agreedTP-040019approved3.5.0
34.123-30189-3.4.0R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.29 to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040199agreedTP-040019approved3.5.0
34.123-30188-3.4.0R1999Correction of POLL bit checking in test case
34.123-30187-3.4.0R1999Change to performing Integrity Protection in TC
34.123-30186-3.4.0R1999SERVICE ACCEPT message NOT to be sent to UE in GMM Idle state in TCs 11.3.1 and 11.3.2.T1-031794agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30185-3.4.0R1999Additional verdicts assigned in TC
34.123-30184-3.4.0R1999Poll Bit and STATUS PDU content checking in TC
34.123-30183-3.4.0R1999Correction of sequence number checking and verdict assignments in TC
34.123-30182-3.4.0R1999Correction of the number of negatively acknowledge PDUs in TC
34.123-30181-3.4.0R1999Correction of STATUS PDU checking in TC
34.123-30180-3.4.0R1999Change U-RNTI and remove UTRAN DRX cycle length coefficient TC
34.123-30179-3.4.0R1999Modification to validate TI Flag and TI Value in TCs 11.3.1 and 11.3.2.T1-031795agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30178-3.4.0R1999Unnecessary waiting time for (re)configuration in Test Case
34.123-30177-3.4.0R1999New C-RNTI should not be present in TC
34.123-3017613.4.0R1999Maximum allowed UL TX power should not be present in TC, and (Revision of T1-031837)T1-031925agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-3017513.4.0R1999Modification to Radio Bearer Release message in TCs and (Revision of T1-031843)T1-031924agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-3017423.4.0R1999Correction of POLL bit checking in test case (Revision of T1-031839)T1-031921agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-3017313.4.0R1999Incorrect Timer poll value used for SS RLC transmit entity in TCs, (Revision of T1-031782)T1-031842agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30172-3.4.0R1999Correction to RRC Package 1 TC and for the mismatch between Radio Bearer setup and PDP context Activation Accept messageT1s040071agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30171-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040082agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30170-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case 9.4.9 to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1S040014agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30169-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1S040027agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30168-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1S040025agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30166-3.4.0R1999Test Case
34.123-30165-3.4.0R1999Test Case
34.123-3016413.4.0R1999Test Case tc_12_6_1_1T1-031745agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30163-3.4.0R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.27 to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040033agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30162-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040029agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30161-3.4.0R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1-031772agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30159-3.4.0R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1-031771agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30158-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1-031767agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30157-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case 9.4.4 to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1-031765agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30156-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1-031763agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30155-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1-031761agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30154-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case 9.4.1 to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1-031759agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30153-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case 9.2.2 to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1-031757agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30152-3.4.0R1999Addition of NAS test case 9.1 to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1-031755agreedTP-040043approved3.5.0
34.123-30151-3.4.0R1999GERAN ASP changesT1-040412agreedTP-040042approved3.5.0