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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
24.3810015113.0.1Rel-13Corrections for security Details C1-162845 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810014-13.0.1Rel-13Add validations for "on-network-maximum-duration" Details C1-162590 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810013213.0.1Rel-13Corrections for group management operations which cannot be expressed by HTTP GET, HTTP PUT or HTTP DELETE methods Details C1-163049 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810012113.0.1Rel-13Corrections for group document excluding group members retrieval procedure Details C1-162843 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810010-13.0.1Rel-13Correction for "the present document" Details C1-162375 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810009213.0.1Rel-13Adding security configuration to the group document Details C1-162846 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810007-13.0.1Rel-13Correction for semantic and values of group-priority and user-priority Details C1-161736 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810004313.0.1Rel-13Correction for missing MCPTT group properties Details C1-162841 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810003413.0.1Rel-13Corrections in the temporary MCPTT group formation procedure and the temporary MCPTT group tear down procedure Details C1-163047 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810002213.0.1Rel-13Corrections for managing group documents based on group ID Details C1-162399 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0
24.3810001113.0.1Rel-13Corrections for internal inconsistencies in the document Details C1-162061 agreedCP-160322approved13.1.0