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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2121460113.5.0Rel-13Clarification of TDF-Application-ID AVP of Diameter St reference point Details C3-161169 agreedCP-160255approved13.6.0
29.2121458213.5.0Rel-13Policy decision based on the transfer policy Details C3-161253 agreedCP-160251approved13.6.0
29.2121456213.5.0Rel-13Some corrections to the NBIFOM Details C3-161246 agreedCP-160264approved13.6.0
29.2121449113.5.0Rel-13TSSF addressing Details C3-161168 agreedCP-160255approved13.6.0
29.2121448-13.5.0Rel-13Correction to the wrong CR implementation for ADC rule error handling Details C3-161099 agreedCP-160255approved13.6.0
29.2121447213.5.0Rel-13Correction to the PCRF behaviour when the sponsoring is disabled Details C3-161248 agreedCP-160251approved13.6.0
29.2121446-13.5.0Rel-13Clarification of network-initiated removal of access Details C3-161090 agreedCP-160279approved13.6.0
29.2121445113.5.0Rel-13Removal of access due to NBIFOM support change Details C3-161238 agreedCP-160279approved13.6.0
29.2121444513.5.0Rel-13Correction to the usage monitoring for sponsored data connectivity Details C3-161296 agreedCP-160268approved13.6.0
29.2121439113.5.0Rel-13Correction on the PCRF procedures Details C3-161237 agreedCP-160279approved13.6.0
29.2121438113.5.0Rel-13Default access AVP Details C3-161236 agreedCP-160264approved13.6.0
29.2121437113.5.0Rel-13Negotiation on the default access Details C3-161235 agreedCP-160264approved13.6.0
29.2121436113.5.0Rel-13Command codes for TNR and TNA St messages Details C3-161167 agreedCP-160255approved13.6.0
29.2121433-13.5.0Rel-13Support of Charging Identifier for the PDN connection in NBIFOM Details C3-161057 agreedCP-160264approved13.6.0
29.2121432213.5.0Rel-13Supported feature for charging related error handling over Gx Details C3-161256 agreedCP-160266approved13.6.0