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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2980590113.3.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 32.298 Introduce non-IP PDN and CP CIoT opt in CDRs descriptionS5-163276agreedSP-160411approved13.4.0
32.2980588213.3.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 32.298 Introduce CP Data transfer CDRs parameters and ASN.1S5-163405agreedSP-160411approved13.4.0
32.2980587113.3.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 32.298 Completion of change of charging condition for NBIFOMS5-163254agreedSP-160420approved13.4.0
32.2980586-13.3.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 32.298 Completion of access change of service data flow for NBIFOMS5-163039agreedSP-160420approved13.4.0
32.2980584113.3.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 32.298 Corrections ASN.1 syntax errors for expanded source generationS5-162233agreedSP-160416approved13.4.0
32.2980582113.3.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 32.298 Correction of Access Network Information in BGCF CDR - align with TS 32.260S5-162229agreedSP-160410approved13.4.0
32.2980576113.3.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 32.298 Correction for the editor's note about Monitoring-TypeS5-162235agreedSP-160420approved13.4.0
32.2980575-13.3.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 32.298 Correction of cell information received with untrusted WLAN access information - alignment with TS 24.229S5-162062agreedSP-160416approved13.4.0