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23.4013051-13.6.1Rel-13Handling of Exception Reports in the Core Network Details S2-162719 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013049113.6.1Rel-13TAU trigger for Preferred Network Behaviour change Details S2-162876 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013046113.6.1Rel-13MME selection for CIoT Optimisation Details S2-162875 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013042-13.6.1Rel-13Updates of handover procedures for CIoT Optimisation Details S2-162559 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013041113.6.1Rel-13Introduction of Connection Establishment Indication procedure Details S2-162889 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013035213.6.1Rel-13Correction on MME overload control for CIOT Details S2-162913 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013026313.6.1Rel-13Support for UP optimisation from CP optimisation in ECM-IDLE state Details S2-163062 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013023213.6.1Rel-13Pending data and user inactivity Details S2-163153 agreedSP-160289approved13.7.0
23.4013022-13.6.1Rel-13Handover support for Header Compression in CP optimization Details S2-162338 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013017213.6.1Rel-13Clarification on CIoT EPS Optimisation conflicting terminology Details S2-162031 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013015413.6.1Rel-13RRC layer impacts and System information usage in attach procedure Details S2-162051 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013014113.6.1Rel-13Network features need to be consistent across TAI LIST Details S2-161910 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013013113.6.1Rel-13Alignment of MME selection in Attach and TAU procedures with section 'MME selection function' Details S2-161908 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013012113.6.1Rel-13Clarification of the S1 release procedure usage in context of CIOT CP EPS Optimization Details S2-161931 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013008113.6.1Rel-13Introduction of S11-U TEID for Control Plane CIoT EPS optimization Details S2-161932 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4013002113.6.1Rel-13'UE reachability' event reports for UEs using extended idle mode DRX Details S2-162137 agreedSP-160298approved13.7.0
23.4013000113.6.1Rel-13IRAT stage 3 reattach alignment Details S2-161907 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4012999813.6.1Rel-13Support for rate control of CIoT data Details S2-162868 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4012998413.6.1Rel-13Active flag handling for Control Plane CIoT Optimization Details S2-162841 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4012996113.6.1Rel-13Paging for CE in CP optimisation Details S2-161926 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4012995813.6.1Rel-13Simultaneous support for CP and UP optimisation Details S2-163058 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4012994413.6.1Rel-13Corrections for Header Compression in CP optimisation Details S2-162873 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4012993313.6.1Rel-13Correction of CIoT inter-RAT handover conditions Details S2-162890 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4012992313.6.1Rel-13Alignment of S11-U procedures with stage 3 Details S2-162033 agreedSP-160286approved13.7.0
23.4012964213.6.1Rel-13Priority Treatment based on RRC Establishment Cause Details S2-162134 agreedSP-160298approved13.7.0
23.4012956713.6.1Rel-13Support of CSG, LIPA, and SIPTO@LN functions for dual connectivity Details S2-162917 agreedSP-160292approved13.7.0