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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.2120208-13.1.0Rel-13Channel interleaver correction for eMTC Details R1-165635 agreedRP-161066approved13.2.0
36.2120207-13.1.0Rel-13Correction on the DCI payload size for eMTC in TS 36.212 Details R1-165533 agreedRP-161066approved13.2.0
36.2120206113.1.0Rel-13Frequency hopping flag definition in DCI formats for BL/CE UE Details R1-165540 agreedRP-161066approved13.2.0
36.2120205-13.1.0Rel-13Correction on citations to a DAI bits table Details R1-164926 agreedRP-161062approved13.2.0
36.2120203-13.1.0Rel-13CR on missing CRI-only table (36.212) Details R1-163796 agreedRP-161063approved13.2.0
36.2120202-13.1.0Rel-13Identify MPDCCH order in CE mode B in TS 36.212 Details R1-163689 agreedRP-161066approved13.2.0
36.2120201-13.1.0Rel-13Correction on DAI Presence in DCI formats for eCA Details R1-163626 agreedRP-161062approved13.2.0
36.2120200-13.1.0Rel-13Clarification on the applicability of DL procedures for LAA Scell Details R1-163532 agreedRP-161065approved13.2.0
36.2120199-13.1.0Rel-13Correction on the description of DMRS table Details R1-163506 agreedRP-161063approved13.2.0
36.2120198-13.1.0Rel-13Draft CR for 36.212 on subframe configuration for LAA Details R1-163503 agreedRP-161065approved13.2.0
36.2120197-13.1.0Rel-13Coding of higher layer parameter codebooksizeDetermination-r13 Details R1-163421 agreedRP-161062approved13.2.0
36.2120196113.1.0Rel-13MCS field in DCI format 6-2 for paging for MTC Details R1-163567 agreedRP-161066approved13.2.0
36.2120195-13.1.0Rel-13Correction to S1 and S2 definition and i2 bit width Details R1-163091 agreedRP-161063approved13.2.0
36.2120194-13.1.0Rel-13Correction on aperiodic CSI reporting mode 1-0 and 1-1 Details R1-163089 agreedRP-161062approved13.2.0
36.2120192313.1.0Rel-13Introduction of Rel-13 feature of NB-IoT in 36.212 Details R1-166045 agreedRP-161067approved13.2.0