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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
26.3460561212.10.0Rel-12CR 26.346-0561 rev 2 Use of ETag for Byte-Range-based File Repair Request (Rel-12)S4-161110agreedSP-160586approved12.11.0
26.3460554112.10.0Rel-12CR 26.346-0554 rev 1 Correction to Consumption Report Example (Rel-12)S4-160854agreedSP-160587approved12.11.0
26.3460552-12.10.0Rel-12CR 26.346-0552 on MooD: Correction on UE re-selection of consumption reporting server (Rel-12)S4-160795agreedSP-160587approved12.11.0
26.3460550112.10.0Rel-12CR 26.346-0550 rev 1 on MooD: Consistent Location Reporting in Consumption Reports and MOOD Headers (Rel-12)S4-160801agreedSP-160587approved12.11.0
26.3460548112.10.0Rel-12CR 26.346-0548 rev 1 on MooD: Separation of Consumption Report configuration from other associated delivery procedures (Rel-12)S4-160799agreedSP-160587approved12.11.0
26.3460546112.10.0Rel-12CR 26.346-0546 rev 1 on MooD: MIME Type for Consumption reporting request (Rel-12)S4-160797agreedSP-160587approved12.11.0
26.3460541212.10.0Rel-12CR 26.346-0541 rev 2 Corrections to XML Schema of MBMS Consumption Report Request Message (Rel-12)S4-160828agreedSP-160590approved12.11.0
26.3460540212.10.0Rel-12CR 26.346-0540 rev 2 XML Schema Corrections for Associated Procedure Description (Rel-12)S4-160827agreedSP-160590approved12.11.0