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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
26.4540014-13.1.0Rel-13CR 26.454-0014 Clarification to avoid rate adaptation quality issues in uplink for UTRAN (Rel-13) Details S4-161075 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540013113.1.0Rel-13CR 26.454-0013 rev 1 Interworking between Nb and Mb (Rel-13) Details S4-161076 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540012-13.1.0Rel-13Nb Interface for EVSoCS Details S4-160933 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540011-13.1.0Rel-13Uu Interface User Plane for EVSoCS Details S4-160932 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540010-13.1.0Rel-13Correction to clause 6 Iu interface for EVSoCS Details S4-160931 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540009-13.1.0Rel-13Interworking between EVS and AMR-WB Details S4-160930 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540008113.1.0Rel-13CR 26.454-0008 rev 1 Handling of Speech and SID payload (Rel-13) Details S4-161020 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540007113.1.0Rel-13CR 26.454-0007 rev 1 Interworking between different EVS Configurations (Rel-13) Details S4-161019 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540006113.1.0Rel-13CR 26.454-0006 rev 1 Filtering and Modification of EVS-CMR (Rel-13) Details S4-161084 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0
26.4540005-13.1.0Rel-13Correction in clause 4 General for EVSoCS Details S4-160926 agreedSP-160592approved13.2.0