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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013127313.7.0Rel-13Clarification on NAS level congestion for exception reporting Details S2-165222 agreedSP-160635approved13.8.0
23.4013124113.7.0Rel-13Clarification on EAB and low access priority indication in RRC over NB-IOT Details S2-164863 agreedSP-160635approved13.8.0
23.4013121213.7.0Rel-13Correction of UE-AMBR and APN-AMBR handling for CIoT EPS optimisation Details S2-165207 agreedSP-160635approved13.8.0
23.4013119213.7.0Rel-13Handling of S11-U bearer during service request procedure Details S2-165203 agreedSP-160635approved13.8.0
23.4013113213.7.0Rel-13Control Plane Only PDN Connection Indication in PDN setup Details S2-165201 agreedSP-160635approved13.8.0
23.4013110113.7.0Rel-13Correction on Bearer Synchronization for UP CIoT EPS optimization Details S2-164871 agreedSP-160635approved13.8.0
23.4013108213.7.0Rel-13Clarification on CP only indicator for SGi PDN connections Details S2-165200 agreedSP-160634approved13.8.0
23.4013104213.7.0Rel-13Multiple DRB capability handling Details S2-165193 agreedSP-160634approved13.8.0
23.4013098113.7.0Rel-13Correction to reporting of MO exception data Details S2-164867 agreedSP-160634approved13.8.0
23.4013093-13.7.0Rel-13Correction of Connection Suspend Details S2-164326 agreedSP-160634approved13.8.0
23.4013089113.7.0Rel-13Clarification on S1-U establishment during CP optimization is in use Details S2-163793 agreedSP-160634approved13.8.0
23.4013084213.7.0Rel-13Release Assistance Information for pair of packets Details S2-163827 agreedSP-160634approved13.8.0
23.4013082-13.7.0Rel-13Transfer of cell/TAC's RAT type to MME Details S2-163630 agreedSP-160633approved13.8.0
23.4013073113.7.0Rel-13Priority handling of NAS signalling and CIoT data over NAS Details S2-163791 agreedSP-160633approved13.8.0
23.4013071213.7.0Rel-13Voice related indication for NB-IoT Details S2-163828 agreedSP-160633approved13.8.0
23.4013067-13.7.0Rel-13Updates of eDRX for NB-IoT Details S2-163555 agreedSP-160633approved13.8.0
23.4013061113.7.0Rel-13Clarification of new active flag handling for CP CIoT EPS Optimization Details S2-163772 agreedSP-160633approved13.8.0
23.4013057113.7.0Rel-13Clarifying PGW & SCEF role in APN Rate Control Details S2-163769 agreedSP-160633approved13.8.0