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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013129114.0.0Rel-14Clarification on EAB and low access priority indication in RRC over NB-IOT Details S2-165212 agreedSP-160635approved14.1.0
23.4013128314.0.0Rel-14Clarification on NAS level congestion for exception reporting. Details S2-165223 agreedSP-160635approved14.1.0
23.4013123114.0.0Rel-14Adding eNodeB change reporting to message flows Details S2-165139 agreedSP-160658approved14.1.0
23.4013122114.0.0Rel-14Correction of UE-AMBR and APN-AMBR handling for CIoT EPS optimisation Details S2-164882 agreedSP-160635approved14.1.0
23.4013120214.0.0Rel-14Handling of S11-U bearer during service request procedure Details S2-165204 agreedSP-160635approved14.1.0
23.4013112214.0.0Rel-14Control Plane Only PDN Connection Indication in PDN setup Details S2-165202 agreedSP-160635approved14.1.0
23.4013111114.0.0Rel-14Correction on Bearer Synchronization for UP CIoT EPS optimization Details S2-164872 agreedSP-160635approved14.1.0
23.4013109114.0.0Rel-14Clarification on CP only indicator for SGi PDN connections Details S2-164874 agreedSP-160634approved14.1.0
23.4013107114.0.0Rel-14DCN-ID update Details S2-164908 agreedSP-160649approved14.1.0
23.4013106-14.0.0Rel-14DCN Congestion Control Details S2-164468 agreedSP-160649approved14.1.0
23.4013105214.0.0Rel-14Multiple DRB capability handling Details S2-165194 agreedSP-160634approved14.1.0
23.4013101114.0.0Rel-14Adding eNodeB change reporting in Location Change Reporting Procedure Details S2-165138 agreedSP-160658approved14.1.0
23.4013100114.0.0Rel-14PDN GW selection for emergency services with unauthenticated UEs Details S2-165047 agreedSP-160652approved14.1.0
23.4013099114.0.0Rel-14Correction to reporting of MO exception data Details S2-164868 agreedSP-160634approved14.1.0
23.4013094-14.0.0Rel-14Correction of Connection Suspend Details S2-164327 agreedSP-160634approved14.1.0
23.4013091214.0.0Rel-14Clarification on S1-U establishment during CP optimization is in use Details S2-164775 agreedSP-160634approved14.1.0
23.4013088214.0.0Rel-14Operator management of eDRX parameters Details S2-164227 agreedSP-160659approved14.1.0
23.4013087114.0.0Rel-14Handling of handovers for emergency sessions over WLAN Details S2-163870 agreedSP-160652approved14.1.0
23.4013085114.0.0Rel-14Release Assistance Information for pair of packets Details S2-163798 agreedSP-160634approved14.1.0
23.4013083-14.0.0Rel-14Transfer of cell/TAC's RAT type to MME Details S2-163631 agreedSP-160633approved14.1.0
23.4013078114.0.0Rel-14Clarification on usage of default standardized or PLMN specific DCN-ID. Details S2-163785 agreedSP-160649approved14.1.0
23.4013074114.0.0Rel-14Priority handling of NAS signalling and CIoT data over NAS Details S2-163792 agreedSP-160633approved14.1.0
23.4013072114.0.0Rel-14Voice related indication for NB-IoT Details S2-163796 agreedSP-160633approved14.1.0
23.4013068-14.0.0Rel-14Updates of eDRX for NB-IoT Details S2-163556 agreedSP-160633approved14.1.0
23.4013064214.0.0Rel-14The DCN ID related serving PLMN information Details S2-163832 agreedSP-160649approved14.1.0
23.4013063114.0.0Rel-14Relation between the Usage Type and DCN ID Details S2-163786 agreedSP-160649approved14.1.0
23.4013062114.0.0Rel-14Clarification of new active flag handling for CP CIoT EPS Optimization Details S2-163773 agreedSP-160633approved14.1.0
23.4013059114.0.0Rel-14Load balancing for MMEs with multiple DCN support Details S2-163788 agreedSP-160649approved14.1.0
23.4013058114.0.0Rel-14Clarifying PGW & SCEF role in APN Rate Control Details S2-163770 agreedSP-160633approved14.1.0
23.4013052114.0.0Rel-14Adding support for NonIP & SCEF in GERAN Details S2-163806 agreedSP-160648approved14.1.0
23.4013050814.0.0Rel-14Support of Multiple PRAs Details S2-165392 agreedSP-160653approved14.1.0