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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2121544114.1.0Rel-14Dynamic PCC rules controlled by PCRF to be bound to the default bearer Details C3-164189 agreedCP-160638approved14.2.0
29.2121543114.1.0Rel-14Time conditioned default EPS bearer QoS change Details C3-164187 agreedCP-160638approved14.2.0
29.2121542314.1.0Rel-14Support of multiple PRAs Details C3-164241 agreedCP-160634approved14.2.0
29.2121540114.1.0Rel-14Acess Stratum indication for NBIFOM Details C3-164141 agreedCP-160626approved14.2.0
29.2121538314.1.0Rel-14Handling of PCC/QoS rule instance Details C3-164234 agreedCP-160630approved14.2.0
29.2121535114.1.0Rel-14Correction to PCC rule enforcement by the PCEF supporting NBIFOM Details C3-164139 agreedCP-160626approved14.2.0
29.2121533214.1.0Rel-14Correction to UE requested resource allocation procedure Details C3-164208 agreedCP-160626approved14.2.0
29.2121531114.1.0Rel-14Diameter base protocol specification update Details C3-164191 agreedCP-160616approved14.2.0
29.2121527214.1.0Rel-14Extend the application detection filter with the PFDs provided by the PFDF for SDCI Details C3-163328 agreedCP-160628approved14.2.0
29.2121524214.1.0Rel-14AF triggers the activation of PCC/ADC rule with application identifier Details C3-163324 agreedCP-160628approved14.2.0
29.2121523214.1.0Rel-14Correction to the sponsored data connectivity supported by the TDF Details C3-164176 agreedCP-160628approved14.2.0
29.2121522114.1.0Rel-14Usage report when the the AF stops sponsoring Details C3-163275 agreedCP-160611approved14.2.0
29.2121516214.1.0Rel-14Correction of the Mission Critical QCI values Details C3-163312 agreedCP-160622approved14.2.0
29.2121515114.1.0Rel-14Add new QCI values for V2X services Details C3-163257 agreedCP-160632approved14.2.0
29.2121514114.1.0Rel-14Correction to clause number of CSG Information Reporting in Table 5b.4 Details C3-163273 agreedCP-160630approved14.2.0
29.2121513314.1.0Rel-14Update the UE IP address provisioning description in 29.212 Details C3-163342 agreedCP-160630approved14.2.0
29.2121510114.1.0Rel-14Encrypted traffic detection by using domain name matching Details C3-163209 agreedCP-160628approved14.2.0
29.2121507214.1.0Rel-14MSISDN as part of IP-CAN session establishment for emergency sessions Details C3-163313 agreedCP-160633approved14.2.0
29.2121506314.1.0Rel-14Support of deployments with both PCEF/TDF and TSSF Details C3-163344 agreedCP-160619approved14.2.0
29.2121503114.1.0Rel-14Removal of access in NBIFOM Details C3-163297 agreedCP-160626approved14.2.0
29.2121501214.1.0Rel-14Diameter Load Control Mechanism Details C3-164163 agreedCP-160615approved14.2.0
29.2121500-14.1.0Rel-14Correction to change IETF drmp draft version to official RFC 7944 Details C3-163058 agreedCP-160614approved14.2.0
29.2121496114.1.0Rel-14PCC Rule decision for NBIFOM Details C3-163269 agreedCP-160626approved14.2.0
29.2121494114.1.0Rel-14An access becomes not available/available Details C3-163266 agreedCP-160626approved14.2.0
29.2121491414.1.0Rel-14Overlapping IP Addresses with FMSS Details C3-164226 agreedCP-160619approved14.2.0