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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013164214.1.0Rel-14Inter-RAT idle mode mobility to and from NB-IoT Details S2-166905 agreedSP-160823approved14.2.0
23.4013163214.1.0Rel-14Location service message size adaptation according to coverage level Details S2-166947 agreedSP-160823approved14.2.0
23.4013161414.1.0Rel-14Introduction of PS Data Off feature Details S2-166843 agreedSP-160826approved14.2.0
23.4013159114.1.0Rel-14UE Usage Type Withdraw Details S2-166992 agreedSP-160810approved14.2.0
23.4013158-14.1.0Rel-14Correction to reporting of MO exception data Details S2-166636 agreedSP-160808approved14.2.0
23.4013156214.1.0Rel-14UE radio capability handling for UEs supporting NB-IoT and WB-E-UTRAN Details S2-166944 agreedSP-160823approved14.2.0
23.4013154114.1.0Rel-14Clarification on APN Rate Control Details S2-166928 agreedSP-160807approved14.2.0
23.4013153214.1.0Rel-14MME report for set of PRA Details S2-167139 agreedSP-160818approved14.2.0
23.4013152314.1.0Rel-14CIoT_KI7_Sol9 - Overload Start for control plane data Details S2-166954 agreedSP-160823approved14.2.0
23.4013151114.1.0Rel-14Correction on MT Data transport using CP CIoT EPS optimisation Details S2-166922 agreedSP-160807approved14.2.0
23.4013148214.1.0Rel-14Aligning specifications - no RAT type in the Initial UE Message Details S2-166935 agreedSP-160807approved14.2.0
23.4013145214.1.0Rel-14Support for Inter-UE QoS for NB-IoT Control Plane Optimisation Details S2-166910 agreedSP-160823approved14.2.0
23.4013144214.1.0Rel-14Missing indirect forwarding tunnel deletion in TAU with SGW change Details S2-166197 agreedSP-160825approved14.2.0
23.4013143214.1.0Rel-14Control Plane data back-off timer introduction Details S2-166198 agreedSP-160823approved14.2.0
23.4013141114.1.0Rel-14APN rate control and emergency bearer service Details S2-166005 agreedSP-160807approved14.2.0
23.4013139-14.1.0Rel-14Correction of handling of resume cause Details S2-165675 agreedSP-160807approved14.2.0
23.4013137114.1.0Rel-14Clarifying the UE behaviour for switch to UP Details S2-166003 agreedSP-160825approved14.2.0
23.4013135414.1.0Rel-14Authorization of use of Coverage Enhancement Details S2-166936 agreedSP-160823approved14.2.0
23.4013131414.1.0Rel-14Reliable UE delivery based on hop-by-hop acknowledgements (5c) Details S2-166941 agreedSP-160823approved14.2.0
23.4013130114.1.0Rel-14Corrections for allowing seamless handovers of emergency sessions to WLAN Details S2-165935 agreedSP-160817approved14.2.0
23.4013070414.1.0Rel-14NAS PDU retransmission strategy for CIoT Optimisation Details S2-166957 agreedSP-160807approved14.2.0