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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.2120239-14.0.0Rel-14Correction to DCI format 5A Details R1-1613793 agreedRP-162366approved14.1.0
36.2120238-14.0.0Rel-14Introduction of MUST in 36.212 Details R1-1613792 agreedRP-162365approved14.1.0
36.2120237-14.0.0Rel-14Introduction of SRS switching into 36.212 Details R1-1613791 agreedRP-162364approved14.1.0
36.2120236-14.0.0Rel-14Corrections to bit padding of DCI format 0B for eLAA in TS36.212 Details R1-1613485 agreedRP-162368approved14.1.0
36.2120235-14.0.0Rel-14CR on UL resource allocation for 10MHz eLAA Details R1-1613484 agreedRP-162368approved14.1.0
36.2120234-14.0.0Rel-14Corrections to bit padding of DCI format 1A for eLAA in TS36.212 Details R1-1613283 agreedRP-162368approved14.1.0
36.2120233-14.0.0Rel-14CR on correction to the PUSCH start position reference and relative timing offset in UL DCI for LAA Details R1-1613134 agreedRP-162368approved14.1.0
36.2120232-14.0.0Rel-14Miscellaneous corrections for V2V in 36.212 Details R1-1613127 agreedRP-162366approved14.1.0
36.2120231114.0.0Rel-14Correction on DCI Format N1 in 36.212 Details R1-1613205 agreedRP-162359approved14.1.0
36.2120224-14.0.0Rel-14CR for RI transmission on PUSCH for LAA Scells Details R1-1610998 agreedRP-162368approved14.1.0
36.2120223-14.0.0Rel-14Clarification of PUSCH start position for eLAA Details R1-1610886 agreedRP-162368approved14.1.0
36.2120222-14.0.0Rel-14CR on DCI formats related with LAA in TS 36.212 Details R1-1610476 agreedRP-162368approved14.1.0
36.2120221-14.0.0Rel-14Corrections to RV in eLAA DCI definitions Details R1-1610459 agreedRP-162368approved14.1.0