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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2121561-14.2.0Rel-14Update instance number for the Failed-AVP in answer commands Details C3-171102 agreedCP-170076approved14.3.0
29.2121560214.2.0Rel-14Support for transport level packet marking Details C3-171297 agreedCP-170086approved14.3.0
29.2121559514.2.0Rel-143GPP PS data off support Details C3-171342 agreedCP-170084approved14.3.0
29.2121558214.2.0Rel-14Pre-emption control for priority sharing Details C3-171293 agreedCP-170081approved14.3.0
29.2121557-14.2.0Rel-14Correction to the CondPolicyInfo feature Details C3-171094 agreedCP-170086approved14.3.0
29.2121556214.2.0Rel-14Correction to the Default-Bearer-Indication AVP Details C3-171291 agreedCP-170086approved14.3.0
29.2121554214.2.0Rel-14Correction to the reporting of the presence reporting areas set to active again Details C3-171280 agreedCP-170074approved14.3.0
29.2121553-14.2.0Rel-14Correction to the multiple PRAs reporting AVPs Details C3-171081 agreedCP-170074approved14.3.0
29.2121548214.2.0Rel-14Association of content versioning information Details C3-171314 agreedCP-170086approved14.3.0
29.2121547114.2.0Rel-14Handling of Vendor-Specific-Application-Id AVP Details C3-171231 agreedCP-170076approved14.3.0
29.2121546214.2.0Rel-14Correction of multiple PRA handling Details C3-171327 agreedCP-170074approved14.3.0
29.2121545114.2.0Rel-14Correction of time conditioned default EPS bearer QoS change functionality Details C3-171245 agreedCP-170086approved14.3.0