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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013209114.2.0Rel-14Restriction of CE Mode B with dedicated bearer requirements Details S2-171403 agreedSP-170042approved14.3.0
23.4013202214.2.0Rel-14Correction to the Control Plane data back-off timer Details S2-171401 agreedSP-170050approved14.3.0
23.4013200114.2.0Rel-14TS 23.401 support for transport level packet marking Details S2-170435 agreedSP-170052approved14.3.0
23.4013195314.2.0Rel-14Priority Treatment based on RRC Establishment Cause Details S2-170443 agreedSP-170042approved14.3.0
23.4013188114.2.0Rel-14Restriction of use of Coverage Enhancement clarification for roaming UEs Details S2-170477 agreedSP-170050approved14.3.0
23.4013181414.2.0Rel-14Correction of Serving PLMN rate control Details S2-171407 agreedSP-170043approved14.3.0
23.4013179114.2.0Rel-14Indication for support of User Plane CIOT Optimisation to E-UTRAN Details S2-170486 agreedSP-170043approved14.3.0
23.4013177414.2.0Rel-14No support for Serving PLMN Rate Control across multiple PDN connections Details S2-171405 agreedSP-170043approved14.3.0
23.4013175214.2.0Rel-14No need to support UE requested bearer resource modification for CP CIOT Details S2-170875 agreedSP-170043approved14.3.0
23.4013173114.2.0Rel-14Location reporting using Control Plane CIOT EPS Optimisation Details S2-170482 agreedSP-170050approved14.3.0
23.4013172214.2.0Rel-14Enhanced Coverage Restricted parameter in S1-AP in TAU Details S2-170511 agreedSP-170050approved14.3.0
23.4013171114.2.0Rel-14Support for restriction of Enhanced coverage restriction per RAT Details S2-170474 agreedSP-170050approved14.3.0
23.4013170114.2.0Rel-14Correction of CE authorization in TAU Details S2-170472 agreedSP-170050approved14.3.0
23.4013169214.2.0Rel-14Corrections of UE capability information to eNB for CP CIoT UEs Details S2-170512 agreedSP-170050approved14.3.0
23.4013167114.2.0Rel-14RAB Setup information in the IRAT handover Details S2-170496 agreedSP-170053approved14.3.0