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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2990775-14.2.0Rel-14R14 CR 32.299 Adding Reporting-Reason for Unused Quota timerS5-171326agreedSP-170134approved14.3.0
32.2990774-14.2.0Rel-14Rel-14 CR 32.299 Remove encr and P flag description in AVPs tablesS5-171184agreedSP-170138approved14.3.0
32.2990773114.2.0Rel-14Rel-14 CR 32.299 New Command CCF in RFC 6733S5-171294agreedSP-170138approved14.3.0
32.2990772114.2.0Rel-14Rel-14 CR 32.299 Introduce clause for Diameter transport securityS5-171293agreedSP-170138approved14.3.0
32.2990771114.2.0Rel-14Rel-14 CR 32.299 Replace reference to RFC 3588 by RFC 6733S5-171328agreedSP-170138approved14.3.0
32.2990770114.2.0Rel-14R14 CR 32.299 Correction removal of Redirect-Address-Type from CCRS5-171300agreedSP-170136approved14.3.0
32.2990764114.2.0Rel-14R14 CR 32.299 Correction on the APN Rate Control and SCS AS Address AVPS5-171321agreedSP-170137approved14.3.0
32.2990762114.2.0Rel-14R14 CR 32.299 Addition of multiple PRAs support for AULCS5-171242agreedSP-170129approved14.3.0
32.2990761114.2.0Rel-14R14 CR 32.299 Addition of the fileds for ProSe chargingS5-171232agreedSP-170133approved14.3.0
32.2990760114.2.0Rel-14R14 CR 32.299 Charging enhancement for 3GPP PS Data offS5-171248agreedSP-170144approved14.3.0