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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.521-31787114.0.1Rel-14Correction invalid RI-ConfigIndex in TC 8.16.38R5-171985agreedRP-170106approved14.1.0
36.521-31782114.0.1Rel-14Adding eMTC RRM test case 8.1.37R5-171812agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31781-14.0.1Rel-14Update of Cell configuration mapping for NB-IoTR5-171281agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31780114.0.1Rel-14Adding eMTC RRM test case 8.1.36R5-171811agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31779114.0.1Rel-14eMTC RRM TC 6.2.10 clarification on test procedureR5-171810agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31777114.0.1Rel-14New RRM TC 8.16.55: E-UTRAN FDD 4 DL CA Event Triggered Reporting on Deactivated SCell with PCell and SCell Interruptions in Non-DRXR5-171857agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31775114.0.1Rel-14Correction to neighbour cell config for autonomous gaps test casesR5-171704agreedRP-170106approved14.1.0
36.521-31774114.0.1Rel-14Correction to test parameters and test tolerance for RRM 2CA asymmetric bandwidth test casesR5-171783agreedRP-170106approved14.1.0
36.521-31773-14.0.1Rel-14Removal of editor’s note for TDD FDD 2CA RRM Test casesR5-171195agreedRP-170108approved14.1.0
36.521-31772214.0.1Rel-14Correction to MPDCCH and PDSCH Reference Channels for Cat-M1R5-171979agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31771114.0.1Rel-14Correction to OCNG pattern for Cat-M1 FD-FDD and HD-FDD re-establishment TCsR5-171808agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31769114.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerance CR, adding eMTC RRM test case 7.1.16R5-171770agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31768114.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerance CR, adding eMTC RRM test case 7.1.15R5-171769agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31767114.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerance CR, adding eMTC RRM test case 7.1.14R5-171768agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31766-14.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerance: Adding eMTC RRM test case 7.1.12R5-171149agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31765114.0.1Rel-14LAA: Addition of the new test case and test tolerances for FDD intra frequency absolute and relative RSRP accuracies for SCell with frame structure 3R5-171755agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31764214.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerance CR, adding eMTC RRM test case 6.1.14R5-171978agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31763214.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerance CR, adding eMTC RRM test case 6.1.13R5-171977agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31762214.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerance CR, adding eMTC RRM test case 6.1.12R5-171976agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31761114.0.1Rel-14Adding new test case 8.4.7 for IncMon RRM testingR5-171874agreedRP-170071approved14.1.0
36.521-31759114.0.1Rel-14Test tolerance addition for TS 36.521-3 Test case 8.22.5 and 8.22.6R5-171746agreedRP-170068approved14.1.0
36.521-31758114.0.1Rel-14Adding new test case 8.3.7 for IncMon RRM testingR5-171873agreedRP-170071approved14.1.0
36.521-31757-14.0.1Rel-14Update clause 3A.4 Antenna principlesR5-171074agreedRP-170075approved14.1.0
36.521-31756114.0.1Rel-14Adding new test case 7.3.4_1 for 4 Rx RRM RLM TDD testingR5-171892agreedRP-170075approved14.1.0
36.521-31755114.0.1Rel-14Adding new test case 7.3.3_1 for 4 Rx RRM RLM TDD testingR5-171891agreedRP-170075approved14.1.0
36.521-31754114.0.1Rel-14Adding LAA RRM test case 9.2.52R5-171744agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31753114.0.1Rel-14Adding LAA RRM test case 9.2.51R5-171743agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31752114.0.1Rel-14Adding LAA RRM test case 8.26.10R5-171742agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31751-14.0.1Rel-14Minor correction about RSRP/RSRQ for FDD-TDD CA test casesR5-171061agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31750-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of the new TC 9.2.48 5DL PCell in TDD RSRQ for E-UTRAN in CAR5-171059agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31749114.0.1Rel-14Adding LAA RRM test case 8.26.9R5-171741agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31748-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of the new TC 9.2.47 5DL PCell in FDD RSRQ for E-UTRAN in CAR5-171057agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31747-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of the new TC 9.2.46 4DL PCell in TDD RSRQ for E-UTRAN in CAR5-171056agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31746-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of the new TC 9.1.49 5DL PCell in TDD RSRP for E-UTRAN in CAR5-171054agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31745-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of the new TC 9.1.48 5DL PCell in FDD RSRP for E-UTRAN in CAR5-171053agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31744-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of the new TC 9.1.45 4DL PCell in TDD RSRP for E-UTRAN in CAR5-171052agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31743-14.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerance updating of test cases, To include band group FDD_BR5-171051agreedRP-170108approved14.1.0
36.521-31742114.0.1Rel-14Adding Test case 7.3.61 HD-FDD Radio Link Monitoring Test for Out-of-sync in DRX for UE category NB1 In-band mode in extended coverageR5-171731agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31741114.0.1Rel-14Adding Test case 7.3.60 HD-FDD Radio Link Monitoring Test for Out-of-sync in DRX for UE category NB1 In-band mode in normal coverageR5-171730agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31740114.0.1Rel-14Updating eMTC RRM test cases 6.1.9 – 11R5-171975agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31739-14.0.1Rel-14Adding eMTC RRM test cases 6.1.12-14 and 7.1.14-16 to Annex ER5-171032agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31738114.0.1Rel-14Updates to HD-FDD RLM In-sync tests for category NB1R5-171926agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31737114.0.1Rel-14Uncertainties and Test Tolerance for DC RRM intra-frequency event triggered reporting test casesR5-171960agreedRP-170069approved14.1.0
36.521-31736214.0.1Rel-14Uncertainties and Test Tolerance for Cat M1 TC8.1.29 and 8.1.30R5-171974agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31735114.0.1Rel-14Update RRM general section 3 for V2X informationR5-171886agreedRP-170091approved14.1.0
36.521-31734114.0.1Rel-14Updated Annex I.4 RRM requirement exception RRM TC 8.22R5-171703agreedRP-170109approved14.1.0
36.521-31733-14.0.1Rel-14Introduction of 4DL CA RRM TC 8.16.51R5-171008agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31732-14.0.1Rel-14Correction to NB-IoT and LTE Cell naming used in the testsR5-171005agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31731114.0.1Rel-14Update Intra-frequency test cases for Cat-M1 UE in normal and enhanced coverageR5-171806agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31730-14.0.1Rel-14Add new eMTC RRM test cases into Annex ER5-171002agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31729-14.0.1Rel-14Introduction of new eMTC RRM TC 8.1.32 for category M1R5-171001agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31728-14.0.1Rel-14Introduction of new eMTC RRM TC 8.1.31 for category M1R5-171000agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31727-14.0.1Rel-14Update Annex A.2 for DC PCFICH/PDCCH/PHICH parametersR5-170999agreedRP-170069approved14.1.0
36.521-31726-14.0.1Rel-14Correct test procedures to DC RRM TC 8.23.xR5-170998agreedRP-170069approved14.1.0
36.521-31725-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of Event triggered reporting on LAA deactivated SCell and E-UTRAN FDD PCell interruption in non-DRXR5-170990agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31723114.0.1Rel-14Test tolerance CR, Addition of new test case 7.3.63 Radio Link Monitoring Test for In-sync with DRX under NC for Category NB1R5-171965agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31722114.0.1Rel-14Test tolerance CR, Addition of new test case 7.3.62 Radio Link Monitoring Test for In-sync with DRX under EC for Category NB1R5-171964agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31721-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of new test case 9.1.61 FS3 absolute and relative CSI-RSRP accuracies for E-UTRAN Carrier Aggregation in CSI-RS based discovery signal with TDD PcellR5-170978agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31720-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of new test case 9.1.60 FS3 absolute and relative CSI-RSRP accuracies for E-UTRAN Carrier Aggregation in CSI-RS based discovery signal with FDD PcellR5-170977agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31719114.0.1Rel-14Test tolerance CR, Update Annex F for test tolerance of test cases 8.26.5 and 8.26.6R5-171929agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31718114.0.1Rel-14Test tolerance CR, Addition of new test case 8.26.6 E-UTRAN TDD-TDD intra-frequency event triggered reporting in non-DRX under FS3R5-171928agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31717114.0.1Rel-14Test tolerance CR, Addition of new test case 8.26.5 E-UTRAN FDD-TDD intra-frequency event triggered reporting in non-DRX under FS3R5-171927agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31716114.0.1Rel-14Addition of LAA SCell activation and deactivation of known SCell with E-UTRA FDD PCell in non-DRXR5-171740agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31715-14.0.1Rel-14Correction of NPDSCH RMC for NB-IoTR5-170963agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31714-14.0.1Rel-14Correction of eMTC RRM TC 6.2.10 and 6.2.10 prach-StartingSubframeR5-170882agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31712-14.0.1Rel-14Correction of SRS-Bandwidth for RRM TC 7.1.10R5-170878agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31711114.0.1Rel-14New SIB1-BR-r13 and PRACH Config SIB default introduced for RRM TC 6.2.10R5-171805agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31710-14.0.1Rel-14(Editorial) Correction of Cell mapping information in 36.521-3 Annex E for RRM TC and
36.521-31709-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of Table H.3.1-2a for E-UTRAN intra frequency measurement configuration for Cat-M1 UER5-170821agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31708114.0.1Rel-14Introduction of Rel-13 CA RRM new test case 9.1.47R5-171859agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31707114.0.1Rel-14Introduction of Rel-13 CA RRM new test case 9.1.46R5-171858agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31706-14.0.1Rel-14Uncertainties and Test Tolerances for the Test Cases 9.1.29 and 9.1.30R5-170795agreedRP-170068approved14.1.0
36.521-31705114.0.1Rel-14Introduction to RRM test case 9.1.50 5DL FDD RSRP for E-UTRAN in Carrier AggregationR5-171856agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31704214.0.1Rel-14Uncertainties and Test Tolerances for the Test Cases 8.1.23, 8.1.24, and 8.1.25 for Cat-M1 UE in CEModeAR5-171973agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31703214.0.1Rel-14Uncertainties and Test Tolerances for the test cases 8.1.33, 8.1.34 and 8.1.35 for Cat-M1 UE in CEModeBR5-171972agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31702114.0.1Rel-14Introduction to RRM test case 8.16.61 4DL FDD CA activation and deactivation of unknown SCell in non-DRXR5-171855agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31701114.0.1Rel-14Introduction to RRM test case 8.16.57 4DL FDD CA activation and deactivation of known SCell in non-DRXR5-171854agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31700214.0.1Rel-14Correction to intra frequency handover test cases for Cat-M1 UEs in CEModeAR5-171971agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31699114.0.1Rel-14Introduction of Test case 8.16.59 4DL CA Activation/Deactivation PCell in FDD, known SCellR5-171899agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31698-14.0.1Rel-14Introduction of Test case 8.16.63 4DL CA Activation/Deactivation PCell in FDD, unknown SCellR5-170727agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31696-14.0.1Rel-14Annex update to RRM spec for LAAR5-170713agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31695114.0.1Rel-14LAA:Update to common RRM configuration.R5-171739agreedRP-170076approved14.1.0
36.521-31694214.0.1Rel-14Uncertainties and Test Tolerances for RRM TC and
36.521-31693214.0.1Rel-14Uncertainties and Test Tolerances for RRM TC, and
36.521-31691114.0.1Rel-14Uncertainties and Test Tolerances for TS 36.521-3 Test Cases 4.2.15, 4.2.16, and 4.2.17 and Corresponding Core Specification UpdatesR5-171759agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31690114.0.1Rel-14Update to CE mode A RLM test casesR5-171804agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31689114.0.1Rel-14Intra-frequency cell reselection under normal coverage for NB-IOTR5-171729agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31688114.0.1Rel-14Update of HD-FDD Transmit Timing Accuracy Tests for Category NB1 UE In-Band mode under normal coverageR5-171728agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31686114.0.1Rel-14Update of HD-FDD UE Transmit Timing Accuracy Tests under enhanced coverageR5-171727agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31684-14.0.1Rel-14Resubmission of R5-170023 Introduction of RRM Annex I for NB-IoTR5-170629agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31683-14.0.1Rel-14Addition of the new TC 8.16.53 4 DL PCell in FDD CA Event Triggered Reporting with 3 Deactivated SCells in Non-DRXR5-170598agreedRP-170074approved14.1.0
36.521-31682-14.0.1Rel-14Update test case for Timing Advance Adjustment Accuracy Test for NB-IoT UE in Enhanced CoverageR5-170590agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31681-14.0.1Rel-14Update test case for HD-FDD Intra-frequency RRC Re-establishment for UE category NB1 under normal coverageR5-170589agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31680-14.0.1Rel-14Update test case for HD-FDD Inter-frequency RRC Re-establishment for UE category NB1 In-Band mode under enhanced coverageR5-170588agreedRP-170083approved14.1.0
36.521-31679114.0.1Rel-14Update TS 36.521-3 with Addition of LTE Band 48R5-171901agreedRP-170093approved14.1.0
36.521-31676114.0.1Rel-14New Test Case: E-UTRAN TDD Intra Frequency Handover for Cat-M1 UEs in CEModeBR5-171801agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31675114.0.1Rel-14New Test Case: E-UTRAN HD-FDD Intra Frequency Handover for Cat-M1 UEs in CEModeBR5-171800agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31674114.0.1Rel-14New Test Case: E-UTRAN FDD-FDD Intra Frequency Handover for Cat-M1 UEs in CEModeBR5-171799agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31673114.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerances Updates in Test Case: 6.2.15: E-UTRAN TDD Contention Based Random Access Test for Cat-M1 UEs in Enhanced Coverage and Other UpdatesR5-171772agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31672114.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerances Updates in Test Case: 6.2.14: E-UTRAN HD-FDD Contention Based Random Access Test for Cat-M1 UEs in Enhanced Coverage and Other UpdatesR5-171771agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31671114.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerances Updates in Test Case: 6.2.13: E-UTRAN FDD Contention Based Random Access Test for Cat-M1 UEs in Enhanced Coverage and Other UpdatesR5-171933agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0
36.521-31670114.0.1Rel-14Test Tolerances and Uncertainties Updates in Annexes E and F for Test Cases 6.2.13-15, 7.3.50-51 and 7.3.54-55R5-171773agreedRP-170079approved14.1.0