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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.9030320-13.0.0Rel-13Update of Test Tolerance analyses for TDD Relative RSRP Accuracy for E-UTRA Carrier Aggregation for 20MHz + 10MHzR5-171198agreedRP-170106approved13.1.0
36.9030319113.0.0Rel-13PCC-SCC swap update of Test Tolerance analyses for 10+20MHz TDD-TDD inter-frequency event triggered reporting test casesR5-171784agreedRP-170106approved13.1.0
36.9030317113.0.0Rel-13Test Tolerance analyses to 36.903 for TC 6.1.12 - 14 eMTC CEModeBR5-171984agreedRP-170077approved13.1.0
36.9030316-13.0.0Rel-13Test Tolerance analysis for TS 36.521-3 Test case 8.22.5 and 8.22.6R5-171078agreedRP-170068approved13.1.0
36.9030315113.0.0Rel-13Test Tolerance analyses updates for TC’s, to cater for FDD_BR5-171782agreedRP-170108approved13.1.0
36.9030313113.0.0Rel-13Add Test Tolerance analysis for DC RRM test cases 8.23.1, 8.23.2 and 8.23.3R5-171961agreedRP-170069approved13.1.0
36.9030311113.0.0Rel-13Add Test Tolerance analysis for TS 36.521-3 Test case 8.26.5 and 8.26.6R5-171930agreedRP-170076approved13.1.0
36.9030310-13.0.0Rel-13Update to Test Tolerance analysis for the Test cases 9.1.29 and 9.1.30R5-170790agreedRP-170068approved13.1.0
36.9030309213.0.0Rel-13Addition of Test Tolerance analysis for the Test Cases 8.1.23, 8.1.24, and 8.1.25 for Cat-M1 UE in CEModeAR5-171983agreedRP-170077approved13.1.0
36.9030308213.0.0Rel-13Addition of Test Tolerance analysis for test cases 8.1.33, 8.1.34 and 8.1.35 for Cat-M1 UE in CEModeBR5-171982agreedRP-170077approved13.1.0
36.9030307213.0.0Rel-13Add Test Tolerance analysis for Cat NB1 intra-freq cell reselection Test caseR5-171966agreedRP-170082approved13.1.0
36.9030306113.0.0Rel-13Add Test Tolerance analyses for UE Cat M1 Handover Test casesR5-171981agreedRP-170077approved13.1.0
36.9030305213.0.0Rel-13Test Tolerance Analysis for RRM TC and
36.9030304213.0.0Rel-13Test Tolerance Analysis for RRM TC, and
36.9030301213.0.0Rel-13Add Test Tolerance Analyses for TS 36.521-3 Test Cases 4.2.15, 4.2.16, and 4.2.17R5-171980agreedRP-170077approved13.1.0