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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.9050082-14.1.0Rel-14Clarification of Test point analysis process for 3DL and 4DL CA Reference sensitivity test cases Details R5-171255 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050081114.1.0Rel-14Test point analysis of A-MPR test cases for Category M1 Details R5-171815 agreedRP-170077approved14.2.0
36.9050080114.1.0Rel-14New CA band combinations CA_1A-41A-42C and 1A-41C-42A - Updates of test points analysis Details R5-171724 agreedRP-170089approved14.2.0
36.9050079114.1.0Rel-14CA band combinations CA_1A-18A-28A - Updates of test points analysis Details R5-171845 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050078114.1.0Rel-14CA band combinations CA_1A-26A, 1A-28A, 1A-42A and 18A-28A - Updates of test points analysis Details R5-171843 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050077114.1.0Rel-14Update of A-MPR analyses for (NS_03+NS_01) and (NS_03+NS_06) Details R5-171841 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050076114.1.0Rel-14Update for NS_04 Power Class 2 Test points Details R5-171895 agreedRP-170092approved14.2.0
36.9050075114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_3A-28A-41A Details R5-171716 agreedRP-170089approved14.2.0
36.9050074114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_3A-8A-28A Details R5-171713 agreedRP-170089approved14.2.0
36.9050073114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_1A-8A-28A Details R5-171710 agreedRP-170089approved14.2.0
36.9050072114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2C-30A to 36.905 Details R5-171836 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050071114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2C-29A-30A to 36.905 Details R5-171835 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050070114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2C-12A-30A to 36.905 Details R5-171833 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050069114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2A-4A-5A-12A to 36.905 Details R5-171831 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050068114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_5A-12B to36.905 Details R5-171828 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050067114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2A-5A-12B to36.905 Details R5-171830 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050066114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2A-4A-29A-30A to 36.905 Details R5-171827 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050065114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2A-4A-29A to36.905 Details R5-171826 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050064114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2A-4A-12A-30A to36.905 Details R5-171824 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050063114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_2A-4A-30A to36.905 Details R5-171822 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050062114.1.0Rel-14Addition of CA_1A-3A-28A in 36.905 Details R5-171820 agreedRP-170074approved14.2.0
36.9050061114.1.0Rel-14Update TR 36.905 with Test Points Analysis for Band 48 Details R5-171903 agreedRP-170093approved14.2.0
36.9050060114.1.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_1C-3A to 36.905 Details R5-171723 agreedRP-170089approved14.2.0