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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013254114.3.0Rel-14Clarification on mobility support between NB-IoT and GPRS Details S2-173657 agreedSP-170369approved14.4.0
23.4013252214.3.0Rel-14Voice/Video support for 'Data Centric' UEs operating in CE Mode A/B Details S2-173704 agreedSP-170372approved14.4.0
23.4013248214.3.0Rel-14PDN-Connection-Restricted flag Details S2-173695 agreedSP-170361approved14.4.0
23.4013236214.3.0Rel-14Handling of CE Mode B support for 'Voice Centric' UEs Details S2-173703 agreedSP-170363approved14.4.0
23.4013233-14.3.0Rel-14Removal of UE-AMBR from Inter-UE QoS for NB-IoT UEs using Control Plane CIoT EPS Optimisation Details S2-172955 agreedSP-170369approved14.4.0
23.4013231-14.3.0Rel-14Clarification for congestion control for default APN Details S2-172331 agreedSP-170369approved14.4.0
23.4013222114.3.0Rel-14Radio capabilities for eCall Only Mode Details S2-172310 agreedSP-170365approved14.4.0
23.4013221214.3.0Rel-14Handling of emergency call numbers received from WLAN Details S2-172856 agreedSP-170367approved14.4.0
23.4013219114.3.0Rel-14Correction of forwarding of MO Exception Data Counter Details S2-172330 agreedSP-170361approved14.4.0
23.4013214114.3.0Rel-14Correction Serving PLMN Rate Control and APN Rate Control Details S2-172328 agreedSP-170361approved14.4.0
23.4013210314.3.0Rel-14Clarification for PGW handling of IMS services at 3GPP PS Data Off activation Details S2-172833 agreedSP-170370approved14.4.0