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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.2120263-14.2.0Rel-14Corrections on total number of soft channel bits for UE Cat M1 and M2 in 36.212 Details R1-1709385 agreedRP-171204approved14.3.0
36.2120260-14.2.0Rel-14Clarification of resource allocation for PDSCH with maximum 5 MHz channel bandwidth in CE mode A Details R1-1706767 agreedRP-171204approved14.3.0
36.2120259-14.2.0Rel-14CR on Higher-Layer Parameters for 36.212 Details R1-1706765 agreedRP-171210approved14.3.0
36.2120258-14.2.0Rel-14CR 36.212 for Correction on RI and CRI reporting for aperiodic and multi-shot CSI-RS Details R1-1706752 agreedRP-171194approved14.3.0
36.2120257-14.2.0Rel-14Corrections on bit width of UCI fields for advanced CSI reporting in 36.212 Details R1-1706586 agreedRP-171194approved14.3.0
36.2120256-14.2.0Rel-14Clarification of resource allocation for PDSCH in CE mode B Details R1-1706293 agreedRP-171204approved14.3.0
36.2120255-14.2.0Rel-14Corrections on bit width of PMI for wideband CQI reports in 36.212 Details R1-1706264 agreedRP-171209approved14.3.0
36.2120253-14.2.0Rel-14CR for applicability of spatial bundling for PUCCH format 3 with FDD Pcell Details R1-1706262 agreedRP-171193approved14.3.0