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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.9050107-14.2.0Rel-14Correction of PCC allocation rules for intra-band non-contiguous CA Details R5-172663 agreedRP-171375approved14.3.0
36.9050106-14.2.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_xA-66A-66A and CA_66A-66C Details R5-172649 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050104114.2.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_3A-20A-32A Details R5-173222 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050102114.2.0Rel-14Addition of test point analysis for Rel-14 CA Details R5-173394 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050101114.2.0Rel-14Addition of test point analysis for CA_8A-41C Details R5-173300 agreedRP-171340approved14.3.0
36.9050100-14.2.0Rel-14Addition of CA_7A-7A-XA in 36.905 Details R5-172566 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050099-14.2.0Rel-14Addition of CA_3A-3A-7A-7A in 36.905 Details R5-172565 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050098114.2.0Rel-14Addition of CA_3A-41A-42A in 36.905 Details R5-173304 agreedRP-171340approved14.3.0
36.9050097114.2.0Rel-14Addition of test point analysis for 2UL/2DL of CA_41A-42A Details R5-173389 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050096114.2.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_8A-11A-28A Details R5-173219 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050095114.2.0Rel-14Addition of test points analysis for CA_1A-11A-28A Details R5-173218 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050094114.2.0Rel-14Update of TpAnalysis4DLRefSens_7.3A.9(2A-2A-12B) Details R5-173294 agreedRP-171340approved14.3.0
36.9050093-14.2.0Rel-14Update for NS_04, NS_22 and NS_23 test points Details R5-172357 agreedRP-171376approved14.3.0
36.9050092114.2.0Rel-14Update of the Test point analysis about REFSENS for 3DL and 4DL CA Details R5-173292 agreedRP-171340approved14.3.0
36.9050091114.2.0Rel-14Addition of the Test point analysis about REFSENS for 5DL CA Details R5-173293 agreedRP-171340approved14.3.0
36.9050090114.2.0Rel-14Spurious emission TP analyses for new Rel-14 CA configurations Details R5-173214 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050089114.2.0Rel-14A-MPR analyses for new Rel-14 CA configurations Details R5-173213 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050088114.2.0Rel-14Addition of CA_3C-8A in 36.905 Details R5-173211 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050087-14.2.0Rel-14Resubmission of Update TS 36.905 with Test Points Analysis for Band 48 Details R5-172138 agreedRP-171359approved14.3.0
36.9050086-14.2.0Rel-14TP analysis for CA_46A-46A-66A, CA_46C-66A Details R5-172114 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0
36.9050085114.2.0Rel-14TP analysis for TC 7.3A.5 for CA_4A-12A-30A Details R5-173208 agreedRP-171355approved14.3.0