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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013318-14.4.0Rel-14Clarify the CP-only UE support of bearer modification  SP-170725approved14.5.0
23.4013315-14.4.0Rel-14Correction of forwarding of MO Exception Data Counter Details S2-176026 agreedSP-170713approved14.5.0
23.4013313114.4.0Rel-14Correction of APN rate control enforcement and exceptional MO data Details S2-176164 agreedSP-170713approved14.5.0
23.4013303114.4.0Rel-14Correction of header compression for CP optimisation Details S2-176065 agreedSP-170713approved14.5.0
23.4013290114.4.0Rel-14Correction for Data Centric UEs Details S2-176031 agreedSP-170716approved14.5.0
23.4013283414.4.0Rel-14No support of dedicated bearers for NB-IoT Details S2-176670 agreedSP-170713approved14.5.0
23.4013281214.4.0Rel-14Listing non-necessary items/procedures for NB-IoT RAT Details S2-175073 agreedSP-170716approved14.5.0
23.4013276114.4.0Rel-14DCNs without HSS subscription information Details S2-174742 agreedSP-170715approved14.5.0
23.4013270214.4.0Rel-14Correction on the condition for stopping Control Plane back-off timer at the UE Details S2-175124 agreedSP-170716approved14.5.0
23.4013261114.4.0Rel-14Alignment with eNB and MME CP Relocation Indication procedures Details S2-174780 agreedSP-170723approved14.5.0
23.4013259214.4.0Rel-14Corrections to PGW handling of UE Data Off Status Details S2-174881 agreedSP-170719approved14.5.0