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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013376-15.1.0Rel-15Editorial corrections for CIoT Details S2-178979 agreedSP-170924approved15.2.0
23.4013375115.1.0Rel-15CIoT corrections related to PDN Connections Details S2-178978 agreedSP-170918approved15.2.0
23.4013372315.1.0Rel-15CE restriction correction  SP-170941approved15.2.0
23.4013368115.1.0Rel-15Cleanup related to Secondary RAT related data usage reporting Details S2-179042 agreedSP-170920approved15.2.0
23.4013367215.1.0Rel-15Clarification on PS Data Off status reporting - TS 23.401 Details S2-179245 agreedSP-170915approved15.2.0
23.4013365215.1.0Rel-15Dual registration supported indicator from MME Details S2-179581 agreedSP-170919approved15.2.0
23.4013364215.1.0Rel-15Non-overlapping MMECs for CP CIOT EPS optimisation Details S2-179069 agreedSP-170912approved15.2.0
23.4013362215.1.0Rel-15Corrections to secondary RAT usage data reporting Details S2-179469 agreedSP-170920approved15.2.0
23.4013360115.1.0Rel-15Correcting the condition for selection of PGW and SGW for NR as secondary RAT Details S2-179040 agreedSP-170920approved15.2.0
23.4013359315.1.0Rel-15Use of ARP priority level in addition to QCI for packet handling Details S2-179573 agreedSP-170924approved15.2.0
23.4013358115.1.0Rel-15RAT Restriction when secondary RAT is using unlicensed spectrum Details S2-179163 agreedSP-170927approved15.2.0
23.4013357115.1.0Rel-15Data volume reporting when secondary RAT is using unlicensed spectrum Details S2-179162 agreedSP-170927approved15.2.0
23.4013356215.1.0Rel-15UE CIoT capability in RRC Connection Establishment request for TAU Details S2-177949 agreedSP-170909approved15.2.0
23.4013353215.1.0Rel-15Modify Bearer Request during TAU Details S2-179038 agreedSP-170924approved15.2.0
23.4013348315.1.0Rel-15Data support for 'voice centric' UE supporting CE mode B Details S2-178974 agreedSP-170912approved15.2.0
23.4013346415.1.0Rel-15S11-U interface separation from S1-U interface Details S2-178970 agreedSP-170912approved15.2.0
23.4013344115.1.0Rel-15Reliable Data Service with PtP SGi Tunnelling Details S2-177616 agreedSP-170924approved15.2.0
23.4013342-15.1.0Rel-15Correction on the update of RAN in subscription change Details S2-177207 agreedSP-170920approved15.2.0
23.4013340115.1.0Rel-15Non-IP protection from broadcast messages Details S2-177619 agreedSP-170909approved15.2.0
23.4013335415.1.0Rel-15Enhanced VoLTE performance CR for TS 23.401 Details S2-177772 agreedSP-170926approved15.2.0
23.4013332115.1.0Rel-15Clarification of the case that HSS provide the Access Restriction Details S2-177655 agreedSP-170920approved15.2.0
23.4013331-15.1.0Rel-15Clarification on UE behaviour when receiving single list of Exempt Services - TS 23.401 Details S2-177014 agreedSP-170921approved15.2.0
23.4013328415.1.0Rel-15Introduction of Service Gap Control Details S2-178982 agreedSP-170924approved15.2.0
23.4013327115.1.0Rel-15Secondary RAT related data usage reporting corrections Details S2-177622 agreedSP-170920approved15.2.0
23.4013326315.1.0Rel-15Secondary RAT related data usage reporting format from RAN Details S2-177944 agreedSP-170920approved15.2.0
23.4013325315.1.0Rel-15Secondary RAT related data usage reporting improvements Details S2-178538 agreedSP-170920approved15.2.0
23.4013324115.1.0Rel-15Update of TAU procedure with SGW change and data forwarding Details S2-177954 agreedSP-170914approved15.2.0
23.4013321115.1.0Rel-15Correction of APN Rate Control - interoperability with legacy UEs Details S2-177599 agreedSP-170909approved15.2.0
23.4013295115.1.0Rel-15Correction of capability indication for downlink NAS data PDU acknowledgment Details S2-176921 agreedSP-170912approved15.2.0