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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013407115.2.0Rel-15Correction to eNB CP Relocation Indication procedure Details S2-182324 agreedSP-180089approved15.3.0
23.4013405115.2.0Rel-15Missing identification of step in clause Details S2-182370 agreedSP-180108approved15.3.0
23.4013403115.2.0Rel-15Alignment with stage-3 reporting and access restriction for unlicensed spectrum Details S2-182367 agreedSP-180111approved15.3.0
23.4013398115.2.0Rel-15Interworking aspects of EPS with 5GS are captured in 23.501 and 23.502 Details S2-182648 agreedSP-180090approved15.3.0
23.4013396315.2.0Rel-15Feature definition for supporting 15 EPS bearers Details S2-182400 agreedSP-180112approved15.3.0
23.4013392215.2.0Rel-15MME handling of unsupported APN Details S2-182371 agreedSP-180113approved15.3.0
23.4013391115.2.0Rel-15Addition of EC restriction parameter in S1 AP PAGING message Details S2-180834 agreedSP-180085approved15.3.0
23.4013381215.2.0Rel-15Clarification on PRA reporting in ECM-IDLE state Details S2-181393 agreedSP-180113approved15.3.0
23.4013378115.2.0Rel-15Alignment CR for for storing CE mode B UE capability in MME Details S2-181238 agreedSP-180113approved15.3.0