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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013441215.3.0Rel-15Secondary RAT Usage Reporting with multiple PDN connection Details S2-185804 agreedSP-180492approved15.4.0
23.4013440415.3.0Rel-15MME request for UE Radio Capabilities Details S2-186266 agreedSP-180496approved15.4.0
23.4013438315.3.0Rel-15Applicability of Service Gap Control in idle and connected mode Details S2-185801 agreedSP-180496approved15.4.0
23.4013436115.3.0Rel-15Introducing Early Data Transmission for Control Plane CIoT EPS optimization Details S2-185713 agreedSP-180496approved15.4.0
23.4013430-15.3.0Rel-15Support for 15 bearers in PGWs across PLMN Details S2-184766 agreedSP-180495approved15.4.0
23.4013429-15.3.0Rel-15Handling of large UE radio capabilities at inter-RAT and SRVCC handover Details S2-183976 agreedSP-180471approved15.4.0
23.4013426315.3.0Rel-15Handling of very large UE radio capabilities for the anticipated EN-DC UEs Details S2-184406 agreedSP-180492approved15.4.0
23.4013423515.3.0Rel-15Radio efficient handling of large UE radio capabilities at inter-RAT and SRVCC handover Details S2-185770 agreedSP-180471approved15.4.0
23.4013420215.3.0Rel-15Network support for increased number of bearers Details S2-184051 agreedSP-180495approved15.4.0
23.4013419215.3.0Rel-15UE Capability for supporting 15 EPS bearers Details S2-184050 agreedSP-180495approved15.4.0
23.4013418115.3.0Rel-15Correction of non-3GPP to E-UTRAN handovers Details S2-184101 agreedSP-180472approved15.4.0
23.4013416115.3.0Rel-153GPP PS Data Off Clarification Details S2-184109 agreedSP-180472approved15.4.0
23.4013413115.3.0Rel-15Alignment with CT WG1 for handling of Connection Resume Requests at Service Gap Details S2-183971 agreedSP-180496approved15.4.0
23.4013412215.3.0Rel-15Clarification of using more than eight EPS bearers with EPS Details S2-184052 agreedSP-180495approved15.4.0
23.4013411415.3.0Rel-15Subscription for Aerial UE in 3GPP system Details S2-185716 agreedSP-180497approved15.4.0
23.4013410315.3.0Rel-15Alignment with CT1/RAN on handling of S1AP CONNECTION ESTABLISHMENT INDICATION Details S2-185807 agreedSP-180496approved15.4.0
23.4013408515.3.0Rel-15Correction of APN Rate Control for PDN connection release and re-establishment Details S2-185802 agreedSP-180496approved15.4.0
23.4013404615.3.0Rel-15Identification of LTE-M (eMTC) traffic Details S2-185784 agreedSP-180496approved15.4.0
23.4013350415.3.0Rel-15Additional parameters for NB-IoT UE Uu operation optimisation Details S2-184401 agreedSP-180498approved15.4.0