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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1335776113.11.0Rel-13Correction to the delay requirement for RRC connection redirection to non-anchor carrier for NB-IoT R13R4-1808477agreedRP-181112approved13.12.0
36.1335773-13.11.0Rel-13Correction to eMTC CGI reading delay requirement R13R4-1806852agreedRP-181111approved13.12.0
36.1335748-13.11.0Rel-13Correction to Test Parameters for FS3 Channel Occupancy testsR4-1806149agreedRP-181110approved13.12.0
36.1335745-13.11.0Rel-13Corrections to CA activation and deactivation test cases (Rel-13)R4-1806143agreedRP-181113approved13.12.0
36.1335737-13.11.0Rel-13Clarification on measurement reporting delay for eMTCR4-1805178agreedRP-181111approved13.12.0
36.1335677-13.11.0Rel-13Specify Measurement BW for LAA Test cases A.8.26.3/4 and A.8.26.9/10R4-1803923agreedRP-181110approved13.12.0
36.1335674113.11.0Rel-13Update parameters for NB-IoT Tx Timing Test case A.7.1.18R4-1805958agreedRP-181112approved13.12.0
36.1335671-13.11.0Rel-13Correction of test parameters for LAA Test cases A.9.1.60 and A.9.1.61R4-1803917agreedRP-181110approved13.12.0
36.1335668-13.11.0Rel-13Remove [ ] from Physical channels for NB-IoT Test case A.6.1.16R4-1803914agreedRP-181112approved13.12.0
36.1335662-13.11.0Rel-13Editorial changes to single carrier RLM test case for 4 Rx capable Ues R13R4-1803651agreedRP-181113approved13.12.0