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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1335934114.8.0Rel-14Correction in inter-frequency RSTD measurement period requirements in FeMTCR4-1811695agreedRP-181913approved14.9.0
36.1335918-14.8.0Rel-14Correcton to category M1 PDSCH RMCsR4-1810758agreedRP-181912approved14.9.0
36.1335915-14.8.0Rel-14Correction on gap ID usage for UE category M1/M2R4-1810752agreedRP-181913approved14.9.0
36.1335911114.8.0Rel-14Correction of terminology for non-BL CE UE for Rel-14R4-1811334agreedRP-181912approved14.9.0
36.1335904-14.8.0Rel-14CR on modification of V2X congestion control measurement test R14R4-1810670agreedRP-181914approved14.9.0
36.1335902114.8.0Rel-14CR on modification of V2X initiation/cease of SLSS transmission test for SyncRef UE as Timing Reference R14R4-1811337agreedRP-181914approved14.9.0
36.1335900-14.8.0Rel-14CR on modification of V2X initiation/cease of SLSS transmission test for eNB as Timing Reference R14R4-1810666agreedRP-181914approved14.9.0
36.1335873114.8.0Rel-14Introduction of MSG3-based channel quality report for NB-IoTR4-1811328agreedRP-181915approved14.9.0
36.1335871-14.8.0Rel-14Clarification of the measurement gap offset in LAA inter-frequency measurement test R14R4-1810096agreedRP-181911approved14.9.0
36.1335860-14.8.0Rel-14Correction of test parameters for LAA Test cases A.9.1.60 and A.9.1.61R4-1809770agreedRP-181911approved14.9.0
36.1335854114.8.0Rel-14Correct 5MHz eCell PRB# for Cat NB1 Test Case A.4.2.18R4-1811327agreedRP-181915approved14.9.0
36.1335852-14.8.0Rel-14Corrections to NB-IoT RSTD test cases (Rel-14)R4-1809648agreedRP-181915approved14.9.0