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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2980688215.4.0Rel-15Correction of Data Volume Uplink and Downlink definitionS5-187319agreedSP-181054approved15.5.0
32.2980685115.4.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.298 Introduction of offline charging for IP-SM-GWS5-187312agreedSP-181052approved15.5.0
32.2980684-15.4.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.298 Introduction of 5GS for SMS charging via Ro RfS5-187104agreedSP-181052approved15.5.0
32.2980683115.4.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.298 Introduction Data Volume Reporting for Option 4&7S5-187396agreedSP-181057approved15.5.0
32.2980682115.4.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.298 Addition of SMS info to CHF CDRS5-187317agreedSP-181052approved15.5.0
32.2980681115.4.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.298 Correct PDU Session level trigger in CHF CDRS5-187389agreedSP-181157approved15.5.0
32.2980680115.4.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.298 Addition of SMS Charging to CHF CDRS5-186300agreedSP-181052approved15.5.0
32.2980679115.4.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.298 Correction of NetworkFunctionID in CHF CDRS5-186384agreedSP-181057approved15.5.0
32.2980678115.4.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.298 Correction on TTRI and TLTRIS5-186312agreedSP-181056approved15.5.0
32.2980677115.4.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.298 Solve Editor's Note on Access Network charging IdentifierS5-186420agreedSP-181058approved15.5.0
32.2980676115.4.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.298 Correction on wrong referencesS5-186304agreedSP-181060approved15.5.0
32.2980672-15.4.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.298 Correction of session priority values descriptionS5-186089agreedSP-181057approved15.5.0
32.2980671115.4.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.298 Correction on multiple PRA(s) in offline chargingS5-186421agreedSP-181041approved15.5.0