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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2910030-15.0.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.291 Correction of Serving Network Function ID definition Details S5-187452 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910029-15.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Failure Handling Mechanism Clarification Details S5-187393 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910028115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Introduce OpenAPI extension for SMS charging Details S5-187315 agreedSP-181052approved15.1.0
32.2910027215.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Introduce Binding for SMS charging Details S5-187316 agreedSP-181052approved15.1.0
32.2910026215.0.0Rel-15Rel15 CR 32.291 Data Type for SMS Details S5-187314 agreedSP-181052approved15.1.0
32.2910025115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction on Reauthorizationdetails Details S5-187402 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910024115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction on Charging ID data type Details S5-187401 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910023115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction on Charging Notification message Details S5-187400 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910022115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Alignment on Session Identifier Details S5-187398 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910021115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Introduction Data Volume Reporting for Option 4&7 Details S5-187397 agreedSP-181057approved15.1.0
32.2910020115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Addition of event charging Details S5-187309 agreedSP-181052approved15.1.0
32.2910019115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of missing http status codes Details S5-187392 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910018115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of Unused Quota Timer naming Details S5-187391 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910016115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of name for Multiple Unit Details S5-187388 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910015115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of Rating Group type to Uint32 Details S5-187331 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910014115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of Invocation Reslut at http ok Details S5-187328 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910013115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of overlapping results between Invocation result and Result code Details S5-187325 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910012115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Allow update of NotifyUri Details S5-187324 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910011-15.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of response code in flow for Notify Details S5-187075 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910010115.0.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.291 Correction of data type for subscriber identifier Details S5-186390 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910009115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Remove of underscore in the API name Details S5-186386 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910008115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Clarifying requested units handling Details S5-186383 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910007115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Faulty references to TS 29.512, TS 29.514 and data types Details S5-186381 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910006115.0.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correctons to CommonData reference Details S5-186380 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910005115.0.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.291 Failure Handling Mechnism Clarification Details S5-186379 agreedSP-181157approved15.1.0
32.2910004115.0.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.291 Serving Node ID Correction Details S5-186377 agreedSP-181059approved15.1.0
32.2910003115.0.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.291 Data Type Applicability Correction Details S5-186376 agreedSP-181157approved15.1.0
32.2910002115.0.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.291 Editorial Correction Details S5-186316 agreedSP-181157approved15.1.0
32.2910001115.0.0Rel-15R15 CR 32.291 Correction on the Reference and Resource name Details S5-186315 agreedSP-181157approved15.1.0