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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.523-10296-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR MAC DRX test cases and Details R5-188187 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10295215.1.0Rel-15Correcton to Layer 2 Pre Test conditions Details R5-188193 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10294-15.1.0Rel-15Correcton to MAC TBS test cases Details R5-187611 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10291115.1.0Rel-15Addition of 5GS NR MAC test case Details R5-187782 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10290-15.1.0Rel-15Update to 5G-NR RRC TCs for Multi-PDN support and specific message content IEs Details R5-187540 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10289115.1.0Rel-15Update to 5G-NR RRC measurement report TCs for FR1/FR2 cell power level Details R5-187705 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10288115.1.0Rel-15Update to RRC TC - Measurement configuration control and reporting / Event A1 / Measurement of NR PSCell / EN-DC Details R5-187704 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10287-15.1.0Rel-15Update to RRC TC - Measurement configuration control and reporting / Inter-RAT measurements / Periodic reporting / Measurement of NR cells / EN-DC Details R5-187534 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10286-15.1.0Rel-15Update to RRC TC - Measurement configuration control and reporting / Inter-RAT measurements / Event B1 / Measurement of NR cells / RSRQ based measurements / EN-DC Details R5-187530 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10285-15.1.0Rel-15Update to RRC TC - PSCell addition, modification and release / Split DRB / EN-DC Details R5-187528 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10284115.1.0Rel-15Adding test case Details R5-187778 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10283115.1.0Rel-15Adding test case Details R5-187686 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10281115.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR MAC test case Details R5-187781 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10280215.1.0Rel-15Update of 5GS NR RRC test case Details R5-188202 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10279-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to test case Details R5-187497 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10278-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to test case Details R5-187492 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10277115.1.0Rel-15Update of 5GS NR RRC test case Details R5-187703 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10276115.1.0Rel-15Update of 5GS NR RRC test case Details R5-187702 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10275115.1.0Rel-15Addition of 5GS NR RRC test case Details R5-187790 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10274-15.1.0Rel-15Addition of 5GS NR MAC test case Details R5-187411 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10273-15.1.0Rel-15Update of 5GS NR RRC test case Details R5-187410 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10272115.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC Details R5-187701 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10263115.1.0Rel-15Addition of new 5GC TC Details R5-187797 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10260-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to test case Details R5-187302 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10254-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to EN-DC NAS test case - Default EPS bearer context activation Details R5-187255 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10253-15.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TCs, and NR CA / NR SCell addition / modification / release / Success Details R5-187254 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10252115.1.0Rel-15Correction to PDCP Test case PDCP reordering / Maximum re-ordering delay below t-Reordering / t-Reordering timer operations Details R5-187692 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10251-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to PDCP Test case PDCP handover / Lossless handover / PDCP sequence number maintenance / PDCP status report to convey the information on missing or acknowledged PDCP SDUs at handover / In-order delivery and duplicate elimination in th Details R5-187252 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10250-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to RLC Test case AM RLC / RLC re-establishment procedure Details R5-187251 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10249-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to RLC Test case AM RLC / Re-transmission of RLC PDU with and without re-segmentation Details R5-187250 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10248-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to MAC Test case DRX operation / Short cycle configured / Parameters configured by RRC Details R5-187249 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10247-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to MAC Test case Random access procedure / Successful / C-RNTI Based / Preamble selected by MAC itself Details R5-187248 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10246115.1.0Rel-15Addition of 5GS SA RRC TC Details R5-187696 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10245115.1.0Rel-15Addition of 5GS SA RRC TC Details R5-187789 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10243115.1.0Rel-15Addition of 5GS SA RRC TC Details R5-187695 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10240115.1.0Rel-15Update RRC SCG failure TC Details R5-187795 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10239115.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC - Measurement configuration control and reporting / Inter-RAT measurements / Event B1 / Measurement of NR cells / EN-DC Details R5-187700 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10238-15.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC - Bearer Modification / Uplink data path / Split DRB Reconfiguration / EN-DC Details R5-187239 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10237-15.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC - Bearer Modification / Handling for bearer type change with security key change / EN-DC Details R5-187238 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10236-15.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC - PSCell addition, modification and release / SCG DRB / EN-DC Details R5-187237 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10235-15.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC - BandwidthPart Configuration / SCG / EN-DC Details R5-187236 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10234115.1.0Rel-15Correcton to SDAP test cases Details R5-187693 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10233115.1.0Rel-15Correcton to PDCP Integrity test cases Details R5-187786 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10232115.1.0Rel-15Correction to PDCP Ciphering test cases Details R5-187785 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10231-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to RLC AM test cases Details R5-187106 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10230-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to RLC UM test cases Details R5-187105 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10229-15.1.0Rel-15Correcton to MAC test cases Details R5-187104 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10228-15.1.0Rel-15CR of test case CA release_Resubmission of 186101 Details R5-186995 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10227115.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case SUL Details R5-187780 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10226115.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case Failure Details R5-187779 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10225215.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case Details R5-188190 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10224115.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case Details R5-187792 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10222215.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case Request Details R5-188159 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10221115.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case notification Details R5-187794 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10218215.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case A1 Details R5-188194 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10217215.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case to NR Details R5-188188 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10216115.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case expiry Details R5-187787 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10213115.1.0Rel-15CR of NR test case Reassembling Details R5-187691 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10205215.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case HARQ Details R5-188192 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10204115.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case HARQ Details R5-187690 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10203115.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case access Details R5-187689 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10202115.1.0Rel-15Addition of NR test case Request Details R5-187688 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10187-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR PDCP test case Details R5-186892 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10186-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR RRC test case Details R5-186891 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10185-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR RRC test case Details R5-186890 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10184115.1.0Rel-15Correction to the default Pre-Test Conditions for AM and UM RLC test cases Details R5-187784 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10183215.1.0Rel-15Update to 5G TC TA registration update Details R5-188195 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10182-15.1.0Rel-15Removal of RRC SCG failure TC Details R5-186873 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10181-15.1.0Rel-15Removal of RRC SCG failure TC Details R5-186872 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10180-15.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC8. - Measurement configuration control and reporting / Event A4 (intra-frequency, inter-frequency and inter-band measurements) / Measurement of Neighbour NR cell / EN-DC Details R5-186803 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10179-15.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC - Bearer Modification / Handling for bearer type change without security key change / EN-DC Details R5-186802 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10178-15.1.0Rel-15Update RRC TC - Split SRB Establishment and Release / EN-DC Details R5-186801 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10168115.1.0Rel-15Updates to EN-DC TC Details R5-187706 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10167-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to 5GS test case Details R5-186725 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10163-15.1.0Rel-15Corrections to PDCP test case Details R5-186679 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10160115.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR RRC test case and Details R5-187699 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10159115.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR RRC test case Details R5-187698 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10158-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR PDCP test case Details R5-186650 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10157-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to NR PDCP test case Details R5-186649 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0
38.523-10140115.1.0Rel-15Corrections to NAS test case Details R5-187707 agreedRP-182275approved15.2.0