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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
24.5010924-15.2.1Rel-16Correction to N1 NAS signalling connection establishment Details C1-191359 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010905-15.2.1Rel-16Correction on 5GMM cause #65 Details C1-191316 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010904215.2.1Rel-16Clarification on MICO mode Details C1-191708 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010897115.2.1Rel-16Correction on abnormal case handlng at AMF for registration Details C1-191666 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010896-15.2.1Rel-16Correction on deriving mapped EPS security context for EPC interworking in connected mode Details C1-191293 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010886215.2.1Rel-16Clarifications related to fallback indication Details C1-191707 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010881-15.2.1Rel-16Correction of wrong reference Details C1-191230 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010872115.2.1Rel-16Correct mistake in case (i) in service request procedure Details C1-191608 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010869-15.2.1Rel-16Content of SMS payload container Details C1-191191 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010866115.2.1Rel-16UE state at lower layer failure on the NW side at initial registration Details C1-191530 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010865215.2.1Rel-16Allowed NSSAI storage to NVM Details C1-191709 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010852-15.2.1Rel-16SR procedure for emergency services fallback when T3525 timer running Details C1-191125 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010851115.2.1Rel-16Update of validity conditions for access identities 1 and 2 Details C1-191618 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010848115.2.1Rel-16Clarification to definition of “ongoing service” Details C1-191570 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010843115.2.1Rel-16Correction for the UE configuration update procedure Details C1-191678 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010842115.2.1Rel-16Provision of NSSAI information to the lower layers Details C1-191674 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010841115.2.1Rel-16Alignment of terms of configured NSSAI and allowed NSSAI Details C1-191673 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010840-15.2.1Rel-16Update the conditions on the AMF to provide an allowed NSSAI based upon the default S-NSSAI(s) Details C1-191080 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010830-15.2.1Rel-16New 5QIs for Enhanced Framework for Uplink Streaming Details C1-191009 agreedCP-190108approved16.0.0
24.5010797315.2.1Rel-16Alignment for the notrification procedure Details C1-191649 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010789415.2.1Rel-16Handling of indication to the 5GSM sublayer in case of 5GSM message not forwarded to SMF due to service area restrictions Details C1-191591 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010787115.2.1Rel-16Correction to TFT check Details C1-190624 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010786115.2.1Rel-16Consistent description on release of N1 NAS signalling connection Details C1-190623 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010782115.2.1Rel-165G-GUTI as additional guti in initial registration and UE holds 4G-GUTI Details C1-190546 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010775515.2.1Rel-16Clarification on rejected NSSAI for the PLMN Details C1-191592 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010739515.2.1Rel-16Handling for QoS Flow status synchronization failure Details C1-191650 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010733115.2.0Rel-16Transfer of a PDU session among 5G-ANs and DNN Details C1-190613 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0
24.5010730415.2.1Rel-16SINE_5G: Back-off control and retry restriction mechanisms in 5GS Details C1-191503 agreedCP-190106approved16.0.0
24.5010720115.2.1Rel-16Initiation of Service Request after reception of Notification over non-3GPP while the UE is in 5GMM-CONNECTED mode with RRC inactive indication in the 3GPP access Details C1-190378 agreedCP-190101approved16.0.0