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24.5010934215.2.1Rel-15Clarifications on use of PCF-provided PTI for UE policies delivery Details C1-191635 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010933-15.2.1Rel-15Handling of Replayed S1 UE security capabilities IE in Security Mode Command message Details C1-191381 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010930115.2.1Rel-15Adding the UE local configuration option in 24.501 Details C1-191554 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010929315.2.1Rel-15local release Details C1-191728 agreedCP-190092approved15.3.0
24.5010927115.2.1Rel-15Setting of 5GSM cause value #36 regular deactivation Details C1-191597 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010926115.2.1Rel-15Correction to Service area list IE Type of list "11" Details C1-191534 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010925115.2.1Rel-15Non-delivery of PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT ACCEPT Details C1-191539 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010923-15.2.1Rel-15Correction to the Operator-defined access category definitions IE Details C1-191358 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010922-15.2.1Rel-15Use of stored NSSAI inclusion mode during initial registration Details C1-191354 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010921115.2.1Rel-15Mapped configured S-NSSAI from the S-NSSAI(s) of the HPLMN Details C1-191639 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010920-15.2.1Rel-15Correction to several 5GMM IEs Details C1-191349 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010919-15.2.1Rel-15Correction to the Payload container IE Details C1-191347 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010918115.2.1Rel-15Correction on handling of downlink signalling and data for non-3GPP PDU Session Details C1-191562 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010917115.2.1Rel-15Correction to the length of the IMEISV Details C1-191613 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010915315.2.1Rel-15Correction to the REGISTRATION REQUEST msg when the Payload container IE is included  CP-190209approved15.3.0
24.5010914115.2.1Rel-15Inclusion of a 5G-GUTI mapped from the valid 4G-GUTI in the REGISTRATION REQUEST message during an initial registration is not available in Rel-15 Details C1-191567 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010912115.2.1Rel-15Change of N1 mode capability on UE mode change or on IMS availability change Details C1-191641 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010911115.2.1Rel-15Mobility and periodic registration update initiation by a UE reselecting an EPLMN cell Details C1-191533 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010910215.2.1Rel-155GSM messages for a PDU session associated with non-3GPP access exchanged via 3GPP access Details C1-191716 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010907215.2.1Rel-15NSSAI inclusion mode, EPLMNs, and registration area Details C1-191640 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010902415.2.1Rel-15Default EPS bearer associates with the default QoS rule Details C1-191725 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010901115.2.1Rel-15Clarification on congestion control upon intersystem change Details C1-191546 agreedCP-190089approved15.3.0
24.5010899215.2.1Rel-15Clarification on the authorized QoS rule modification Details C1-191645 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010895115.2.1Rel-15Improvement on 5G-GUTI allocation after network triggered service request Details C1-191510 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010894215.2.1Rel-15Mandating UE sending registration complete for SOR Details C1-191695 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010892115.2.1Rel-15Presence of the precedence and QFI fields in QoS rules Details C1-191621 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010891115.2.1Rel-15Reporting QoS error when a delete or modify operation is received for a non-existent QoS rule Details C1-191571 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010889115.2.1Rel-15Correction in UE-initiated de-registration procedure initiation Details C1-191610 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010888215.2.1Rel-15Handling when the UE indicated security capabilities are invalid or unacceptable Details C1-191700 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010885115.2.1Rel-15Addressing missing scenarios and providing other clarifications related to fallback indication Details C1-191531 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010883115.2.1Rel-15Handling on errors of QoS flow description operations Details C1-191543 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010880115.2.1Rel-15Correction of the use of word "wants" Details C1-191517 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010878115.2.1Rel-15Clarification on deregistration procedure. Details C1-191532 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010877215.2.1Rel-15OS Id information element Details C1-191723 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010876115.2.1Rel-15Encoding of Routing indicator set to default value 0 Details C1-191513 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010875215.2.1Rel-15upper layer request while T3540 is running Details C1-191669 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010873115.2.1Rel-15Transmission failure at UE side for UE policy delivery procedure Details C1-191525 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010870215.2.1Rel-15SUCI applicability Details C1-191660 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010868115.2.1Rel-15Wrong message name Details C1-191514 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010867-15.2.1Rel-15Correction to UE initiated PDU session modification request IEs Details C1-191186 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010864115.2.1Rel-15SUCI to be used for the registration for emergency services Details C1-191620 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010863-15.2.1Rel-15Initial maximum number of packet filters for associated PDU session Details C1-191177 agreedCP-190088approved15.3.0
24.5010862215.2.1Rel-15Temporary identity allocation Details C1-191715 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010860-15.2.1Rel-15Issues in SNN Details C1-191162 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010859115.2.1Rel-15Correction in EAP handling Details C1-191572 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010857115.2.1Rel-15Retransmission of PDU SESSION RELEASE REQUEST Details C1-191551 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010856115.2.1Rel-15Retransmission of PDU SESSION MODIFICATION REQUEST Details C1-191550 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010855115.2.1Rel-15Retransmission of PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT REQUEST Details C1-191549 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010854115.2.1Rel-153GPP PS Data Off UE status change and congestion control in AMF - alternative 2 Details C1-191574 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010849115.2.1Rel-15Correction for Cause code #7 Details C1-191607 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010847215.2.1Rel-15Update of error handling for Mapped EPS bearer contexts IE Details C1-191699 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010846115.2.1Rel-15Update of PDU session authentication and authorization messages Details C1-191537 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010845115.2.1Rel-15Removal of Editor’s note on home network public key and home network public key identifier update Details C1-191693 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010844115.2.1Rel-15Rejected NSSAI for current registration area Details C1-191578 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010839115.2.1Rel-15Update the conditions on the AMF to provide the configured NSSAI to the UE Details C1-191652 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010838115.2.1Rel-15Handling of abnormal authentication errors Details C1-191528 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010836115.2.1Rel-155G-GUTI provided to lower layer Details C1-191529 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010835115.2.1Rel-15Correct missing Non-3GPP NW policies IE Details C1-191616 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010834215.2.1Rel-15Skip barring checks during fallback handling Details C1-191642 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010833415.2.1Rel-15Possible criterion for the selection of the requested NSSAI  CP-190174approved15.3.0
24.5010831-15.2.1Rel-15Correction for missing 5QIs Details C1-191026 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010829315.2.1Rel-15Correction on handling of invalid PSI Details C1-191535 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010824-15.2.1Rel-15Abnormal case handling for cause#72 Details C1-190345 agreedCP-190087approved15.3.0
24.5010823115.2.1Rel-15Handling of abnormal case when UE gets UE policies with incorrect PLMN ID Details C1-190591 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010821115.2.1Rel-15Informing the UE about the integrity protection failure at S1 to N1 mode change Details C1-190552 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010820315.2.1Rel-15Correction to behaviour upon receipt of 5GMM reject cause for a UE in single-registration mode Details C1-191611 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010819115.2.1Rel-15Reference corrections on UE’s state change due to congestion control Details C1-190511 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010817-15.2.1Rel-15Correction to the definition of UE STATE INDICATION message content Details C1-190331 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010815215.2.1Rel-15Resolution on editor's notes on whether explicit start and stop indications for SMS over NAS is needed Details C1-191352 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010814215.2.1Rel-15Correction to IEI values Details C1-190656 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010812215.2.1Rel-15Several corrections to messages and IEs Details C1-190653 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010810115.2.1Rel-15Clarification on the behaviors of UE and SMF during the inter-system change Details C1-190583 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010809115.2.1Rel-15Clarification on PDU Session Modification procedure Details C1-190577 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010808115.2.1Rel-15Adjustment of relevent timers when T3346 is included in the 5GMM message Details C1-190628 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010807115.2.1Rel-15Clarification on providing NSSAI to the lower layer Details C1-190528 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010806315.2.1Rel-15UE re-registration following UE parameters update Details C1-191656 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010805215.2.1Rel-15Handling of missing QoS flow description and QoS rule Details C1-191560 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010804215.2.1Rel-15Corrections on Mapped EPS bearer context IE Details C1-190678 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010803-15.2.1Rel-15Correction on the lengths of 5GSM procedures Details C1-190301 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010802315.2.1Rel-15Handling of QoS flow description without valid EPS bearer context Details C1-191561 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010801115.2.1Rel-15Correction on sub-clause numbering Details C1-190519 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010798215.2.1Rel-15Correction to the notification procedure Details C1-190683 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010796115.2.1Rel-15Corrections on fallback indication from lower layers Details C1-190399 agreedCP-190086approved15.3.0
24.5010792-15.2.1Rel-15References for NAS signalling connection recovery and a fallback indication from the lower layers Details C1-190283 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010791215.2.1Rel-15Generic UE configuration update procedure during registration procedure Details C1-190632 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010788-15.2.1Rel-15DNN as a common IE Details C1-190279 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010785115.2.1Rel-15Removal of abnormal case handling for collision between initial registration and paging or notification Details C1-190622 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010780115.2.1Rel-15Corrections to UE policy section management result Details C1-190507 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010774215.2.1Rel-15Clarification on NSSAI inclusion mode after an inter-system change from S1 mode to N1 mode Details C1-190634 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010773315.2.1Rel-15Removal of UE security capabilities from the S1 mode to N1 mode NAS transparent container Details C1-190670 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010772215.2.1Rel-15Clarification for the use of the default value for T3512 Details C1-190663 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010771215.2.1Rel-15Adding missing abnormal cases for initial registration (UE side) Details C1-190662 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010769115.2.1Rel-15Change of "a wildcard DNN" to "the wildcard DNN" Details C1-190506 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010768215.2.1Rel-15Minor corrections for interworking Details C1-190609 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010767115.2.1Rel-15Addition of the 5GSM cause IE in the PDU SESSION MODIFICATION COMPLETE message Details C1-190584 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010766215.2.1Rel-15Correction on 5GS mobile identity IE name Details C1-191646 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010765115.2.1Rel-15Correction on initial NAS message protection Details C1-190505 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010763215.2.1Rel-15Cleanup on support of multiple payloads for NAS transport Details C1-190680 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010762-15.2.1Rel-15Minor corrections to TS 24.501 Details C1-190190 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010759215.2.1Rel-15Update of SUCI encoding Details C1-191102 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010758-15.2.1Rel-15Correction to the erroneous length of the EAP message IE Details C1-190184 agreedCP-190100approved15.3.0
24.5010754115.2.1Rel-15QoS flow description in PDU modification command Details C1-190576 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010753115.2.1Rel-15Removal of unncessary text. Details C1-190617 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010752115.2.1Rel-15PDU session modification for emergency PDU sessions. Details C1-190381 agreedCP-190085approved15.3.0
24.5010750115.2.1Rel-15Correction to #50 and #51 handling Details C1-190581 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010747215.2.1Rel-15Clarification on creating new QoS flows Details C1-191060 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010746315.2.1Rel-15S1 UE security capability Details C1-191614 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010745115.2.1Rel-15Length of 5G-S-TMSI Details C1-190594 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010744215.2.1Rel-15EPS GUTI provided to lower layer Details C1-190673 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010743115.2.1Rel-15PDU session status for IWK without N26 Details C1-190543 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010741315.2.1Rel-15Mobility between 5GS over non-3GPP access and EPS over 3GPP access Details C1-191565 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010735115.2.1Rel-15Correction for acknowledgement of extended emergency number list Details C1-190512 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010734215.2.1Rel-15AMF rejecting PDU session establishment when the DNN is not subscribed Details C1-190631 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010732215.2.0Rel-155GSM - request type not included in PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT REQUEST Details C1-190630 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010731215.2.1Rel-15Correcting the name of ITU-T Recommendation E.212 Details C1-190664 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010729215.2.1Rel-15UAC - access attempt matching criteria of operator-defined access category Details C1-191161 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010728115.2.1Rel-15Completion of correction for local release Details C1-190504 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010725215.2.1Rel-15Update reference for UE policy control service Details C1-190633 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010724415.2.1Rel-15Corrections for Annex D Details C1-191670 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010721215.2.1Rel-15Clarification on inclusion of the Uplink data status IE in the SERVICE REQUEST message after an RRC fallback indication Details C1-191253 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010706615.2.1Rel-15Resolution on the editor's note on abnormal cases in the UE for the PDU EAP message reliable transport procedure Details C1-191698 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010638315.2.1Rel-15Clarification for abnormal case handling of registration procedure after inter-system change from S1 mode to N1 mode Details C1-190618 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010468515.2.1Rel-15Resolving Editor's note on suitability of 5QI as criteria type for ODAC Details C1-190645 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0
24.5010382915.2.1Rel-15Correct Extended Local Emergency Numbers List use involving WLAN Details C1-191694 agreedCP-190084approved15.3.0