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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2910055-15.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction local sequence nb Details S5-192263 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910054115.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of UE IP Addresses Details S5-192369 agreedSP-190115approved15.2.0
32.2910052-15.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correcting of table for bindings Details S5-192217 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910048115.1.0Rel-15Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correction of RANSecondaryRATUsageReport occurrence Details S5-192361 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910046115.1.0Rel-15Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correction of triggers in ChargingDataResponse Details S5-192356 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910045115.1.0Rel-15Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correction of Multiple Unit Information in ChargingDataResponse Details S5-192355 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910044315.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of serving network function  SP-190213approved15.2.0
32.2910043-15.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of dnn data type Details S5-192059 agreedSP-190115approved15.2.0
32.2910042115.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of user information Details S5-192300 agreedSP-190115approved15.2.0
32.2910041115.1.0Rel-15Correct faults in yaml part Details S5-191331 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910040115.1.0Rel-15Correct missing Session Identifier Details S5-191405 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910039415.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of QoS Information  SP-190212approved15.2.0
32.2910038115.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of API versioning and externalDocs field Details S5-191402 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910037-15.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of ValidityTime data type Details S5-191094 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910036-15.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of SMSF as NF Consumer Details S5-191057 agreedSP-190117approved15.2.0
32.2910035115.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of NF Consumer Information Details S5-191398 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910034115.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of inconsistencies in data types Details S5-191330 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0
32.2910033315.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction on reference for common data types  SP-190214approved15.2.0
32.2910032115.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of data type associated to volume Details S5-191411 agreedSP-190115approved15.2.0
32.2910031115.1.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of create operation description for event Details S5-191328 agreedSP-190116approved15.2.0