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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.7250028216.0.0Rel-16Accumulated packet delay estimation for QoS monitoring and division of PDB Details S2-1902831 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250023116.0.0Rel-16Conclusion of KI#6 Details S2-1902786 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250017216.0.0Rel-16Updates to Solution #16 for automated GBR service recovery after handover into congested cell Details S2-1901365 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250015216.0.0Rel-16New Solution for Key Issue #7-URLLC Always on Control for the GBR QoS Flow Details S2-1901374 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250013216.0.0Rel-16New solution for KI#7 Details S2-1901364 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250011216.0.0Rel-16KI#7: Extending notification control for QoS flow setup and handover Details S2-1901363 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250010216.0.0Rel-16New Solution for Key Issue #7 Details S2-1901362 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250008216.0.0Rel-16Update solution#8 for Key Issue #4: QoS Monitoring Details S2-1901361 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250007216.0.0Rel-16Accurate time stamping based solution for Key issue #6 Details S2-1901360 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250006116.0.0Rel-16Update solution #15 for Key issue 6 Details S2-1901201 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250004116.0.0Rel-16Solution 8 Updates for QoS monitoring solution based on time synchronization Details S2-1901195 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0
23.7250001116.0.0Rel-16Evaluation of Solution#15 on PDB division Details S2-1901225 agreedSP-190178approved16.1.0