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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.229-11319114.5.0Rel-14Adding TC 12.13a for MT MTSI speech call when MO reserves resources before sending INVITER5-192323agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11318114.5.0Rel-14Adding TC 15.30 for user initiated USSIR5-192322agreedRP-190095approved14.6.0
34.229-11317-14.5.0Rel-14Editorial Corrections to A.2.1R5-191216agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11316114.5.0Rel-14Corrections to INVITE regarding Session TimerR5-192321agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11315114.5.0Rel-14New clause A.2.24 for "422 Session Interval Too Small" error messageR5-192320agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11314114.5.0Rel-14New test case 22.8 for Session Timer: Remote end does not support Session Timer in MT CallR5-192319agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11313114.5.0Rel-14New test case 22.7 for Session Timer: Remote end chooses UE as refresher in MT CallR5-192318agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11312114.5.0Rel-14New test case 22.6 for Session Timer: Remote end sends Session-Expires but does not choose refresher in MT CallR5-192317agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11311114.5.0Rel-14New test case 22.5 for Session Timer: Remote end supports but does not send Session-Expires in MT CallR5-192316agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11310114.5.0Rel-14New test case 22.4 for Session Timer: Remote end supports but does not use Session Timer in MO CallR5-192315agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11309114.5.0Rel-14New test case 22.3 for Session Timer: Remote end does not support Session Timer in MO CallR5-192314agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11308114.5.0Rel-14New test case 22.2 for Session Timer: Remote end is refresher in MO CallR5-192313agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11307114.5.0Rel-14New test case 22.1 for Session Timer: UE is able to refresh the session in MO CallR5-192312agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11306-14.5.0Rel-14Further corrections to A.2.1 for sake of IMS test case 19.1.6R5-191118agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11305-14.5.0Rel-14Corrections to 200 OK for "video" media feature tagR5-191117agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11304114.5.0Rel-14Corrections to XCAP test cases regarding rule elementsR5-192311agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0
34.229-11302114.5.0Rel-14Update to A.2.1 for Test eCall Request-URIR5-192310agreedRP-190097approved14.6.0
34.229-11301114.5.0Rel-14Expired grace period for media parameters requirementR5-192309agreedRP-190091approved14.6.0