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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.2130034-15.4.0Rel-15Correction to transmission timing adjustments in TS 38.213 Details R1-1903814 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130033-15.4.0Rel-15CR on UE procedure for reporting multiple UCI types Details R1-1903807 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130032-15.4.0Rel-15Correction to support FR1 extension to 7.125 GHz Details R1-1903801 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130031-15.4.0Rel-15Correction on DCI format 2_3 for SUL cell in TS 38.213 Details R1-1903782 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130030-15.4.0Rel-15CR on QCL assumption for a CORESET other than 0 Details R1-1903779 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130029-15.4.0Rel-15Correction on PHR timing for configured grant Details R1-1903758 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130028-15.4.0Rel-15Draft CR on overlapping of CSI and PUSCH with slot aggregation Details R1-1903759 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130027-15.4.0Rel-15CR on identifying transmission occasion after resetting a PC closed loop Details R1-1903750 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130026-15.4.0Rel-15CR on QCL assumption for receiving PDCCH for RAR Details R1-1903749 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130025-15.4.0Rel-15Removal of UL transmision restrictions for paired spectrum Details R1-1903748 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130024-15.4.0Rel-15CR on latency after gNB response for recovery Details R1-1903747 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130023-15.4.0Rel-15QCL properties of Msg4 in CONNECTED Mode Details R1-1903745 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130022-15.4.0Rel-15(Late drop) CR on PRACH Power Ramping Counter Suspension Details R1-1903726 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130021-15.4.0Rel-15Correction to align RAN1 and RAN4 specifications for EN-DC power control Details R1-1903710 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130020-15.4.0Rel-15Correction on physical downlink control channel Details R1-1903682 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130019-15.4.0Rel-15Correction to last PUCCH resource set configuration Details R1-1903680 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130018-15.4.0Rel-15CR on QCL confliction Details R1-1903678 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130017-15.4.0Rel-15CR on using CORESET#0 in dedicated DL BWP Details R1-1903652 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130016-15.4.0Rel-15CR on simultaneous active BWP switching across carriers Details R1-1903651 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130015115.4.0Rel-15Corrections to TS38.213 Details R1-1903795 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130014-15.4.0Rel-15Correction to dynamic HARQ codebook in NR Details R1-1903598 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130012-15.4.0Rel-15Removal of CSI request in RAR grant Details R1-1903553 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130011-15.4.0Rel-15CR on SSB-RO association Details R1-1903546 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130010-15.4.0Rel-15CR on timing adjustment indicator Details R1-1903504 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0
38.2130009-15.4.0Rel-15Correction on search space sharing Details R1-1903492 agreedRP-190449approved15.5.0