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See details 36.1044846-A15.5.0Rel-15CR to TS 36.104: correction of missing Band 20 duplex mode, Rel-15 Details R4-1901723 agreedRAN4#90Huawei Details RP-190410 approvedRAN#83RAN415.6.0TEI9
See details 36.1044838-F15.5.0Rel-15CR to TS 36.104: Corrections on transmitter co-existence and co-location requirements Details R4-1901481 agreedRAN4#90Nokia, Nokia Sh... Details RP-190401 approvedRAN#83RAN415.6.0NR_newRAT-Core
See details 36.10448341B15.5.0Rel-15CR: Addition of demodulation performance requirements for new NPRACH formats in 36.104(Rel-15) Details R4-1902061 agreedRAN4#90Huawei, HiSilicon Details RP-190406 approvedRAN#83RAN415.6.0NB_IOTenh2-Perf
See details 36.1044832-F15.5.0Rel-15CR to 36.104: frequency offset between anchor and non-anchor carrier for TDD NB-IoT standalone operation Details R4-1900913 agreedRAN4#90Huawei, HiSilicon Details RP-190420 approvedRAN#83RAN415.6.0NB_IOTenh2-Core
See details 36.1044828-F15.5.0Rel-15CR for TS 36.104 Rel-15: Clarification on LAA and eLAA channel access Details R4-1900398 agreedRAN4#90Nokia, Nokia Sh... Details RP-190414 approvedRAN#83RAN415.6.0LTE_LAA