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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
24.5011267-15.3.0Rel-15Deletion of the 5GSM cause IE in the PDU SESSION MODIFICATION COMPLETE message Details C1-193923 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011250115.3.0Rel-15Correction to handling of cause #72 Details C1-193572 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011244115.3.0Rel-15Indication of syntactical or semantic errors related to SM policy association to UE Details C1-193560 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011237115.3.0Rel-15QoS flow for SIP signalling after inter-system change Details C1-193515 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011218115.3.0Rel-15Alignment of the 5G ciphering and integrity algorithm identifiers Details C1-193579 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011202215.3.0Rel-15Network initiated EPS bearer synchronization when moving from EPC to 5GC Details C1-193798 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011194115.3.0Rel-15DNN based congestion control for PDU session for LADN Details C1-193558 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011184115.3.0Rel-15Always-on PDU session Details C1-193554 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011172115.3.0Rel-15IEI for the UE OS Id IE Details C1-193564 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011170-15.3.0Rel-15Correction to serving network name (SNN) reference Details C1-193213 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011167-15.3.0Rel-15IEI for the Non-3GPP NW provided policies IE Details C1-193206 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011163315.3.0Rel-15Handling of the ABBA parameter with a non-zero value and a length of more than 2 octets Details C1-193902 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011150115.3.0Rel-15Indicating PS data off status report for the UE in the Non-allowed Area Details C1-193534 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011139115.3.0Rel-15UE policy length mismatch Details C1-193532 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011132115.3.0Rel-15Handling of PDU session modification while a back-off timer is running Details C1-193549 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011127415.3.0Rel-15NSSAI inclusion modes in ePLMN Details C1-193945 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011123115.3.0Rel-155GSM cause value #29 semantic extension Details C1-193765 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011120315.3.0Rel-15Access control and indication that access barring is applicable for all access categories except categories '0' and '2' Details C1-193931 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011108115.3.0Rel-15Addition of missing codepoints for 5GSM causes Details C1-192601 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011093115.3.0Rel-15Correction on handling of mapped EPS bearer contexts IE Details C1-192608 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011076215.3.0Rel-15Resolution of editor's notes on handling at non-existing 5G NAS security context indicated by the UE when an emergency PDU session exists Details C1-192644 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011074215.3.0Rel-15Resolution of editor's notes on handling at emergency registration and emergency PDU sessions Details C1-192632 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011072315.3.0Rel-15Correction because of wrong implementation of CR0763 and CR0919 Details C1-193524 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011069415.3.0Rel-15Correction to the Payload container IE Details C1-193773 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5011063215.3.0Rel-15Indication of resume failure from the lower layer Details C1-193150 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011049115.3.0Rel-15PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT message sent via target access in case of handover of an existing PDU session between 3GPP access and non-3GPP access Details C1-192606 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011040115.3.0Rel-15Correct typo for UE parameters update data type Details C1-192490 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011032115.3.0Rel-15Network initiated de-registration update for cause #3 and #6 Details C1-192752 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5011024-15.3.0Rel-15Correction of timer table Details C1-192266 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5011001115.3.0Rel-15EPS bearer synchronization when moving from EPC to 5GC Details C1-192488 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5010994115.3.0Rel-15Correction on the SMS over NAS Details C1-192629 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5010991215.3.0Rel-15Correction on the 5GSM S-NSSAI congestion control Details C1-192789 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5010958115.3.0Rel-15SR procedure for emergency services fallback when T3346 timer running Details C1-192486 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5010956215.3.0Rel-15Handling of the PS Data Off status update Details C1-192795 agreedCP-191123approved15.4.0
24.5010952115.3.0Rel-15Correction on T3396 Details C1-192496 agreedCP-191122approved15.4.0
24.5010947215.3.0Rel-15Precedence between access identities for derivation of RRC establishment cause Details C1-192756 agreedCP-191124approved15.4.0
24.5010861815.3.0Rel-15Multiple NAS connections and 5G NAS security context change handling  CP-191216approved15.4.0