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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2910072-15.2.1Rel-15Correction on the OpenAPI version  SP-190522approved15.3.0
32.2910070115.2.1Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of missing http status codes Details S5-193470 agreedSP-190383approved15.3.0
32.2910069115.2.1Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of Nchf_ConvergedCharging release usage Details S5-193467 agreedSP-190383approved15.3.0
32.2910068115.2.1Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of trigger type unit count inactivity timer Details S5-193466 agreedSP-190383approved15.3.0
32.2910067-15.2.1Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of trigger type for start of service data flow Details S5-193294 agreedSP-190383approved15.3.0
32.2910066115.2.1Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction on binding Details S5-193471 agreedSP-190383approved15.3.0
32.2910065-15.2.1Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction of used unit container attributes Details S5-193206 agreedSP-190384approved15.3.0
32.2910064-15.2.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction on Gateway timeout code Details S5-193099 agreedSP-190384approved15.3.0
32.2910063115.2.0Rel-15Rel-15 CR 32.291 Correction on errors description Details S5-193423 agreedSP-190384approved15.3.0
32.2910058115.2.1Rel-15Rel-16 CR 32.291 Correct the failure handling Details S5-193341 agreedSP-190384approved15.3.0
32.2910057-15.2.1Rel-15Rel-16 CR 32.291 Add the reference for SMS charging Details S5-193079 agreedSP-190384approved15.3.0