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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4013516-16.2.0Rel-16Interworking aspects of EPS with 5GS are captured in 23.501 and 23.502 Details S2-1905785 agreedSP-190399approved16.3.0
23.4013514-16.2.0Rel-16Secondary Cell ID Reporting - completion and signalling efficiency Details S2-1905613 agreedSP-190403approved16.3.0
23.4013512116.2.0Rel-16Ethernet packet filters in TFT Details S2-1906373 agreedSP-190406approved16.3.0
23.4013510116.2.0Rel-16EPS architecture supporting RACS Details S2-1906356 agreedSP-190425approved16.3.0
23.4013509316.2.0Rel-16Updating LCS procedures for location reporting for multiple cells Details S2-1904833 agreedSP-190403approved16.3.0
23.4013508216.2.0Rel-16Dedicated Bearers for Ethernet in EPC - IOPS / LIPA / SIPTO@LN aspects Details S2-1904197 agreedSP-190406approved16.3.0
23.4013507216.2.0Rel-16TNL Address discovery for EN-DC Details S2-1903986 agreedSP-190404approved16.3.0
23.4013503316.2.0Rel-16Adds UE Radio Capability ID in signalling procedures Details S2-1906385 agreedSP-190425approved16.3.0
23.4013502416.2.0Rel-16Avoiding UE indicating RLOS access in RRC Signaling Details S2-1906807 agreedSP-190424approved16.3.0
23.4013501116.2.0Rel-16Dedicated Bearers for Ethernet in EPC Details S2-1904814 agreedSP-190406approved16.3.0