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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.2130049-15.5.0Rel-15CR on Timing for MAC CE Applicability Details R1-1907963 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130048-15.5.0Rel-15CR on PDCCH Monitoring for NR-DC Details R1-1907957 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130047-15.5.0Rel-15CR on single transmission timing for synchronous intra-band EN-DC Details R1-1907952 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130046-15.5.0Rel-15CR to 38.213 on deactivation timing for ScellDeactivationTimer Details R1-1907951 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130045-15.5.0Rel-15Correction on PHR in EN-DC Details R1-1907828 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130044-15.5.0Rel-15CR on Type-1 HARQ-ACK codebook determination Details R1-1905891 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130043-15.5.0Rel-15Correction on the timeline condition of multiplexing two HARQ-ACK information in one slot Details R1-1905890 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130042-15.5.0Rel-15Clarification of reference to PDSCH processing capability 1 in TS 38.213 Details R1-1905889 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130041-15.5.0Rel-15Correction on CRC assumption for multi-CSI resource selection and CSI report(s) selection Details R1-1905886 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130040-15.5.0Rel-15Correction on PDCCH monitoring Details R1-1905883 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130039115.5.0Rel-15Correction on PUSCH power scaling Details R1-1907955 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130038415.5.0Rel-15Corrections to 38.213 including alignment of terminology across specifications Details R1-1907965 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130037-15.5.0Rel-15CR on PHR determination and transmission Details R1-1905783 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130036115.5.0Rel-15CR on the determination of the minimum number of PRBs for PUCCH transmission Details R1-1905796 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0
38.2130035-15.5.0Rel-15CR on missing case for DCI format 1_1 with CS-RNTI Details R1-1905750 agreedRP-191283approved15.6.0