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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
37.8430026215.3.0Rel-15CR to TR37.843 Correction on beam based direcrtionsR4-1907844agreedRP-191263approved15.4.0
37.8430025115.3.0Rel-15CR to TR 37.843: editorial corrections to spherical angle formula in subclause
37.8430024215.3.0Rel-15CR to TR 37.843 removal of Tx Diversity for TAE testingR4-1907846agreedRP-191262approved15.4.0
37.8430023215.3.0Rel-15CR to TP 37.843: Correction on usage of term EIRPR4-1907668agreedRP-191262approved15.4.0
37.8430022-15.3.0Rel-15CR to TR 37.843: Upper limit for angular step for TRP calculationR4-1906689agreedRP-191262approved15.4.0
37.8430021-15.3.0Rel-15CR to TR 37.843: Removal of information in Annex AR4-1906188agreedRP-191263approved15.4.0
37.8430020-15.3.0Rel-15CR to TR 37.843: Addition of MU evaluation for testing output power, ACLR and OBUE in RC test method in subclause 10.4R4-1906179agreedRP-191263approved15.4.0
37.8430019-15.3.0Rel-15CR to TR 37.843: Update of RC description in subclause
37.8430018-15.3.0Rel-15CR to TR 37.843: Addition of RC MU evaluation for spurious emission in subclause
37.8430017-15.3.0Rel-15CR to TR37.843, correct references to annex ER4-1905900agreedRP-191263approved15.4.0