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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.3000168-15.5.0Rel-15Support for network sharing Details R2-1908516 agreedRP-191380approved15.6.0
38.3000165-15.5.0Rel-15Correction of NAS PDU Details R2-1908502 agreedRP-191380approved15.6.0
38.3000164-15.5.0Rel-15Correction of QoS flow re-mapping before handover Details R2-1908499 agreedRP-191380approved15.6.0
38.3000163-15.5.0Rel-15Corrections for support of data forwarding for reestablishment UE Details R2-1908495 agreedRP-191380approved15.6.0
38.3000162-15.5.0Rel-15Slicing information during handover Details R2-1908494 agreedRP-191379approved15.6.0
38.3000161-15.5.0Rel-15Correction of data forwarding Details R2-1908493 agreedRP-191379approved15.6.0
38.3000160115.5.0Rel-15Support of ongoing re-mapping on source side during SDAP mobility Details R2-1908513 agreedRP-191380approved15.6.0
38.3000159115.5.0Rel-15CR on 38.300 for SRB cell mapping for CA duplication Details R2-1908446 agreedRP-191379approved15.6.0
38.3000157-15.5.0Rel-15Cross Carrier Scheduling Details R2-1906036 agreedRP-191373approved15.6.0
38.3000156115.5.0Rel-15CA Clarifications - RACH and Timing Advance Details R2-1908523 agreedRP-191373approved15.6.0
38.3000155115.5.0Rel-15Miscellaneous Corrections Details R2-1906042 agreedRP-191373approved15.6.0
38.3000154-15.5.0Rel-15CQI and MCS for URLLC Details R2-1905670 agreedRP-191373approved15.6.0